Working on avoiding triggering PTSD and PTSD triggers flashbacks

Living with PTSD a.k.a. post-traumatic stress disorder is pretty difficult. Most people associate PTSD with members of the military but anyone can actually get it if they experience a traumatic event. We can be triggered by a smell, a sound, or even location. It’s a terrible mental illness that impairs our ability to function and live a normal everyday life.

While some people suggest therapy such as CBT a.k.a. cognitive behavioral therapy sometimes the best way to deal with PTSD and edge trauma can be to figure out what your triggers are and try to avoid them. So many people do not understand the pain going on in our head from posttraumatic stress disorder yet tried to give us advice like just get over it or think happy thoughts.

What are your opinions of PTSD and has it affected your life a lot?

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