Writing novel (fiction over full memoir). Fitness – strength, posture.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. My channel is mainly about my experiences with mental health, processing trauma, my creative process. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder.

Been working very hard on the finishing touches of my semiautobiographical novel, Pet Purpose – Your Unspoken Voice. I give some reasons why I went for ‘fiction’ over full memoir. Reasons include feeling safer, so others can’t get shitty (they might still if recognise parts of themselves), efficiency (composite characters), focus on some core themes (bipolar mania, complex trauma, relationships, pets), can’t be dismissed, not possible to put 48 years of my life into one book, recollections vary anyway, so is memoir really memoir? Estimate Pet Purpose is around 80% memoir with fiction woven in. Plus, can get creative – the fun part.

Making a spreadsheet like mind map to help me cross-check for anything that slipped through my proof-reading and friend’s proof-reading. Also for quicker reference when planning and writing Soar Purpose (the sequel).

I want to make Pet Purpose the best it can be. A struggle with my disabilities – cognitive impairments, short-term memory issues, difficulty organising words, paragraphs etc, repeating myself. Needed to cull tens of thousands of words.

Also talk a bit about fitness. Focus is on strength (especially core/back) and posture. I drink lots of water and go for walks. Cutting back on chocolate (don’t think I can give it up), dietician said swap out some carbs for vegetables, but don’t eliminate carbs (brain and muscles run off carbs). Gym instructor has changed my program to body weight exercises (no more weights machines).

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