YOGA and PTSD: Sail Beyond the Storms Reach

Namaste 🙏🏾 My name is Chad and I live with PTSD. I say live with PTSD because I no longer struggle with it. I know now that it is a part of me so I had to begin to work with the duality of my life and not try to control the good or the bad. As a 22 year Army Veteran I have sustained my fair share of physical injuries but none seemed to compare with how crippling PTSD was for me. I was on meds, off meds, in the hospital, hiding and crying in silence for the first 4 years after my retirement from service in 2014 and through those years a lot of relationships were lost due to the “fog of war” that most of us Vets still live in.

Realizing that I never truly experienced life in a free mind and body for the better part of 2 decades was the turning point for me so in February of 2019 I had my breakthrough. I knew I needed to get off the SSRI’s and other psychotropics that had my soul in a choke hold but I knew I would also need something to replace it. Many of you know how the brain 🧠 can revolt on you when you are cleansing your body of many of this mind-altering chemicals that Pharma is pushing along with the assistance from the VA. I needed something more powerful than any drug. Yoga was the 🔑 that unlock the infinite ♾ possibilities of life in it’s true meaning for me.
Yoga gave me back something that was taken from me and no one can ever take Yoga from me or you. Follow me on my journey to enlightenment and growth as I use the 8 Limbs of Yoga to guide my path 🙏🏾

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