You Won't Believe What Your Child Is Thinking

First Interview, Third Book
Independent Author
Catherine Thorpe, M.A.

Cathy is an established, Lifespan Integration, Therapist
located in Bellevue, Washington. Cathy shares Lifespan Integration globally, Africa specifically.

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Enjoy as Cathy shares her WHY behind “You Won’t Believe What Your Child Is Thinking”.
Four Principles (Time 1:48)
Story of Internalization (Time 5:19)
The Shame Barrel (Time 9:04)
Purpose of You Will Not Believe What Your Child Is Thinking (Time 10:38)
Effects of Family Dysfunction (Time 13:48)
More on What Children Believe (Time 15:12)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD from Birth (Time 18:53)
Stuff Animal Communication (Time 20:45)
How to buy this book? (Time 23:47)
Final Thought (Time 24:00)
Why to buy this book? (Time 24:38)

Everyday is like nutrient rich soil to plant and grow.
“Young people are trying to find out, from internal and external ways,
Who am I?
How good am I?
How do I deserve to be treated?
Can I really be my true self in the world and have people love me?”
-Catherine Thorpe (2019)

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