Zombified swapped meds bipolar disorder, PTSD, exhaustion. Difficulty speaking.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder.

Totally exhausted in this video and had a sleep crash for hours immediately after recording.

I accidently swapped my morning and evening meds, despite using a meds organiser and minimal meds. My meds are mostly weighted to evening, as very, very sedating. I have severe short-term memory issues with my disabilities. A pill organiser is a must, but even then, I can still get confused.

Recorded this video to show some of what I deal with. Meds have side-effects. The sedating can help me sleep but unfortunately, I took at the wrong time. I had something to eat and then had a sleep crash.

Recorded another video when woke up so can see the difference a few hours sleep makes.

Currently not able to drive, go to the gym, work at capacity. Been walking to do a few stores with one job but couldn’t today. Gave up the other job on medical grounds.

Currently unable to do my art or writing. When people see me bubbly and bright with bursts of creativity (when hypomanic), they don’t realise how disabled I am.

I cannot tolerate being zombified to this extent full-time, hence came to a compromise with psychiatrist to be minimally medicated to help me manage the bipolar and try to reduce the side effects (of which there are many, including weight gain – I am 20kg more on meds than off).

I was unable to drive for over 6 months when psychiatrist was doing meds adjustments, with me in a zombified state like this. I can’t tolerate being like this.

I also showed this because I want people to understand how potent these meds are, especially when some are prescribing to young children.

Source: Youtube