Cptsd After Narcissism – What’s YOUR Dominant Trauma Response?

Cptsd After Narcissism – What’s YOUR Dominant Trauma Response?

It’s very common for victims of narcissistic abuse to suffer complex ptsd yet Cptsd can often be mistaken for other things such as borderline personality disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bipolar and even Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
This video examines four common stress responses to trauma: The Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn Responses. Now all of these reactions are important and have their place…when there’s danger. The problem is that if we have undergone prolonged stress, feeling helpless and powerless while in a relationship with an emotional abuser – our brains wind up picking one dominant way to react to danger, even perceived danger which is felt during emotional flashbacks – this trigger and automatic response is not always the healthiest for us. In order to continue to move forward in healing we must first be self aware and be able to recognize what is our dominant trauma response – once we know how we respond to present day triggers we can begin to feel more empowered with our emotional flashbacks and can begin to move on.

From Surviving 2 Thriving is a channel dedicated to helping those suffering narcissistic victim syndrome to heal from the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse so that they can no longer feel erased and/or shame ridden so they can go on become the best version of themselves.
Healing is a journey, but you do not have to travel alone.
Thousands of subscribers have been helped with the following tools written specifically for victims of narcissistic abuse:

I Miss Me & I Want Me Back: A PDF written for victims that feel erased from the inside out. Leaving the narcissist was only the first step toward healing, finding yourself once again takes work and this interactive self help journal has been a compass home to many:

When The Devil’s The Defendant: An informative PDF written for victims of narcissistic abuse who are currently going to court for custody and/or visitation. The court system is a difficult enough place to navigate through, add to it a narcissist who is willing to lie, manipulate and distort the facts…not because they love their children, but simply because they want to WIN the kids.

The information available at our fingertips is so helpful. However, many feel the need to discuss their personal situation anonymously with someone who has been there, who understands and who has not only survived but has gone on to thrive in life. Phone coaching is now provided for those very reasons.

Michele is someone that has “been there” and yet has not only survived 31 years of narcissistic abuse by a narcissistic mother and spouse, but has turned her life around so that she is no longer existing but truly enjoying life, happy, confident and comfortable in her own skin. Her desire is to help you do the same!!!

All of the tools provided on From Surviving to Thriving are at an affordable cost so that the majority of those that need them can easily obtain them. The sale of these tools enable Michele to continue to devote her time, energy and knowledge to those that need it. Your support for this channel is greatly appreciated.

Complex PTSD and emotional abuse damage are hard to identify, which causes more problems for victims. While physical or sexual abuse can be more readily identifiable and more blatantly obvious, emotional abuse goes undetected, minimized, and dismissed by the abuser, victim, and others. This is abuse upon abuse, leading to serious emotional trauma.

Victims can develop a variety of coping mechanisms – dissociation, addictions, “deadness,” anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.

Victims tend to lose their sense of self and – definitely – their sense of personal value.

They lose their identity and ability to trust their feelings or intuition.
We cannot heal from what we don’t understand – sometimes it’s our own actions, thoughts and reactions that we don’t understand. Recognizing the role emotional flashbacks have on us is one more step taken on the road to healing.

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