EXPERIENCE SCHIZOPHRENIA HOW PSYCHOSIS FEELS LIKE |Psychosis Simulation + ptsd narcissistic abuse

WHAT SCHIZOPHRENIA FEELS LIKE | Psychosis simulation. WATCH TILL THE END! SCHIZOPHRENIA DOES NOT EXIST IT’S A GIFT FROM GOD! Real footage made straight in peak of psychosis. Idk maybe it’s just a psycho diversity in humanity and by not making a problem out of it,, awarenesss,, keep us ‘sane’ + the world maybe? Why can’t we all go back to nature. Walking nature par example a beautiful park, feels like instant ACID + natural healing! 🙂
Experience the paranoia and chaos of a schizophrenic. It’s about delusions and ‘hallucinations’… I have Abilify… the vagueness of it all… including the good, genius & funny parts of paranoid schizophrenia! PuzZzllle it out!!! All used materials in my work are mine and free to use, not copyrighted! Feel free to share my work for more: instagram @divinationclasses Thank you for watching and subscribe!

Source: Youtube