Random facts #855

Random facts #855:

●Be your best, and life will be too.
● Research has found that playing Tetris eases the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.
● 70% of people don’t actually regret their past. They regret the time they’ve wasted with the wrong people.
● 83% of people find it hard to sleep at night, because that’s when the human mind is most active.
● The Dead Sea is so dense with salt you can easily float on it without drowning.
● Wasps emit an ‘alarm pheromone’ when you kill them, summoning the rest of their colony.
● Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has paid $8.2 million to businesses owned by the candidate and his family.
● The word ‘sinister’ used to mean ‘left handed’.
● Whatever you are giving the most attention to is what you’re growing, good or bad. Focus on what you want to develop.
● Positive emotions enhance the brain’s ability to make good decisions.

Source: Youtube