Self Healing Alchemy – My Intro to Chronic Illnesses & PTSD

My intro and first video on Self Healing from Chronic Illnesses and PTSD. I just want to start out by sharing a bit of background to where my experience came from in healing and why I am so passionate to help others empower themselves, step by step.

I only share my own experiences, things that HAVE or haven’t worked for me. This does not replace any medical advice. It is your sovereign choice to make, to take responsibility for your own healing, no one can do it for you, only you can make that choice and know your own truth in that.

The important thing to know is a bit of a ‘storyline’ so you can either relate or understand enough to see why we all need to do work on ourselves. Whether we suffer from major chronic illnesses or if we are just going through a few rough patches currently, the key is to see we are all human and we all need to address our lives with honesty and humility so we can truly heal underlying root causes.

The importance of doing this work is huge, because our patterns of behaviour that have stemmed from trauma of any kind, will impact us sooner or later, and of course affect others.

Thank you so much for watching!

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