Squad | Welcome to the poppy fields motherducker (GONE PTSD)

Because 100 sub specials are for normies. reeeee

Grenade launcher vibes and memeworthy moments and bugs from the newest game out there, Squad, where teamplay is paramount to victory! Join me and |F| clan as we rush hard into the depths of the militia base and disrupt their supply lines! Will compuguy123, aka Doubledink, make it out alive? Will he receive the purple heart? Will the militia manage to rush our positions? Will the AK47/74/12 ever jam? Will |F|Faruk ever get a proper driver? Find out in this 102 subscriber special! THANKS TO ALL THOSE 102 WHO SUBSCRIBED TO ME! YOU ARE TRUE COMRADES!

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Music by C418 – “2 years of failure”: ’90’s tripverse’

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