Walk With Frank …”a lifelong journey fighting PTSD”…

Walk With Frank
…”a lifelong journey fighting PTSD”…

For the past fifty years, as one of the longest living veterans diagnosed with 100% post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related disabilities, the cause and effect of this socially-crippling disease has consumed my life and fueled my work.

Hello my name is Frank Romeo and the focus of my life’s work has been to educate returning veterans as well as young people in general about PTSD and its debilitating impact on individuals as well as society as a whole. My program “THE ART OF WAR” has traveled around the country in a spirit of truth, healing, and understanding post trauma. In the last thirty years I have traveled many miles and reached tens of thousands of people touched by this phenomenon. With the average suicide rate among veterans suffering from PTSD at twenty-two deaths per day, we must build awareness and subsequent action among the public and policymakers. And that is why I am planning the Walk With Frank initiative.

In 2019, as I celebrate my seventieth birthday, I will walk across New York State, living in homeless shelters, eating in soup kitchens, and visiting organizations frequented by our veterans. By choice I plan to live the life of our most fragile members of society. Veteran organizations, business people, our political leaders, and the general public can get on and off the trail at any point and walk with me in support. During this three-month 700 mile trek I will document the stories of veterans displaced by PTSD. These narratives will be the basis of a documentary film. In their own words, they will have the opportunity to share their experiences, their struggles, and their shattered dreams. As their narratives are woven together, along with commentary by experts in the PTSD field, the documentary film will not only build awareness of the crisis, but also shine a light on how to move forward in saving the lives and dignity of so many of our veterans.

Such an initiative requires support. Your assistance is imperative and will help to uncover the truth so that we may truly begin to help those in need. It is with the humblest of intentions that I ask for your financial support at this time. Please consider helping such a worthy cause. Thank you.

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