What “Getting better” looks like to me: Find a safe place. Healing from Trauma, PTSD & CPTSD

As of the time of this video, i am/was seeking a therapist or clinic fo PTSD, CPTSD, Childhood trauma as the child of an alcoholic and suspected Narcissist (NPD) and a host of life long difficulties that can all be lumped under the first few things i listed. “Lumped” is not the choicest of words but… I’m rabbit holing.
As i state in the video, i have been lost lately as to where my brain should be looking for answers. If i were to advise a friend i would ask them, “if you don’t know where you’er going, then ask your self where you want to go.”
So, here are the answers and ultimately the general direction i came up with.

Source: Youtube