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100 Hayasuburi Challenge – Day 12 #kendo #100hayasuburichallange

#100hayasuburichallange Day 12 Hello Everyone this the 1200th Hayasuburi #1200hayasuburi After having the Online Keiko on zoom, I was still in the kendo zone and I wanted to keep going so I did my 100 Hayasuburi video, inshallah Doha Kendo Club – Qatar will go back to its regular Keiko as things begin to become… Read More »

100 Hayasuburi Challenge – Day 11 #kendo #100hayasuburichallange

#100hayasuburichallange Day 11 Hello Everyone this the 1100th Hayasuburi #1100hayasuburi leaving me only 1400 😉 almost halfway there thank you all for your kind support in and out of Facebook. #100hayasuburi I am doing my part by conducting 100 Hayasuburi for 25 days to help raise awareness for things such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress… Read More »

100 Hayasuburi Challenge – Day 10 #kendo #100hayasuburichallange

#100hayasuburichallange Day 10 Hey everyone the video today is extra special, most of you who really know me very well may have seen me like this wearing my Bogu like this during Keiko and some special occasions and events which featured our Kendo club ( Doha Kendo Club ) , to conclude today’s video 1000th… Read More »