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Vulnerability a risk factor in developing second-hand PTSD: expert

Psychiatrist Christopher Christian Chu says post-traumatic stress disorder may also hound second-hand victims, adding that a person’s vulnerability could result in acquiring indirect symptoms of the trauma. Source: Youtube

More allegations of bullying at the Ministry for Children 1 NEWS NOW TVNZ

Eight more social workers have alleged bullying and staff abuse at the Ministry for Children, Oranga Tamariki. Raising serious questions about the culture inside the re-branded organisation, 1 NEWS can reveal there are now at least nine bullying complaints lodged by social workers – including intimidation, verbal abuse and stress-triggered medical issues. Among the latest… Read More »

Expert calls for rethink of traditional therapy as NZ faces severe shortage of mental health workers

For every 312 people in New Zealand affected by mental health issues, there is only one psychologist. In order to meet the recommendations of the Government’s mental health and treatment report, New Zealand needs to quadruple our workforce that deals with mental health. Professor Roger Mulder of the University of Otago says it’s not feasible… Read More »