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Mending ego states (C-PTSD/DPDR/BPD)

The drama triangle, and how it plays out in everyday social interactions/relationships. There is a range of severity of how we dissociate from the spectrum of dissociation, from depersonalization disorder, to complex ptsd (which may be intertwined) Borderline personality disorder, and dissociative identity disorder. Whats important is to become aware of our ego splits and… Read More »

Cure CPTSD | Heal Primal (re) Wounding

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) is primal core woundedness re-experienced in adult relationships. Cure CPTSD with first understanding your primal wounds. Transactional Analysis provides better understanding of the lay of the land – The Ego and what happens in primal wounding and how to heal it – how to cure it. Contact http://ajmahari.com http://phoeinxrisingpublications.com… Read More »