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Abuse of power, control, dismissal, invisible disabilities, government departments

Some of my thoughts and experiences dealing with WINZ and ACC in New Zealand with regards to bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Access of medical records. Dismissal. Delay to approve. Triggering and distress. I cannot trust government departments from past experiences (which I did not outline in full here). I made some videos three… Read More »

The Kavanagh Sisters Podcast – Episode 7 – Child Sexual Abuse and CPTSD

Child Sexual Abuse and CPTSD. ‘Trigger Warning’ if you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse please remember the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre 24-Hour Helpline 1800 77 888 In today’s podcast we will discuss Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and how it impacted our lives, which in turn we hope will… Read More »

Recovering From Workplace PTSD Audiobook (Kevin William Grant)- Introduction

This audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon, and Apple Books: https://www.audible.com/search?keywords=recovering+from+workplace+ptsd+Kevin+William+grant https://books.apple.com/ca/audiobook/recovering-from-workplace-ptsd-recovery-guide-for-mental/id1481898853 Review the audiobook introduction from my book “Recovering from Workplace PTSD: A Recovery Guide for Mental Health Professionals and PTSD Survivors”. Part of the “Workplace Mental Health Series”. The audiobook is available for free with an Audible trial or subscription. I’d love to… Read More »

Religion, spirituality, bipolar, trauma, PTSD

I used to be a Christian. I am now non-religious and agnostic leaning atheist. I don’t often talk about religion as it has been a hugely triggering topic for me. I give a few of the reasons why I am bothered by religion. I found a lot of it to be psychologically abusive and controlling.… Read More »

part F of G-8/7/17"HAVE PTSD /TAKING ADVANTAGE/WANT TO REMEMBER" 3rd sx-part 4a_2394

“Why am I crying?“ ”the meds”. domestic violence abuse child children neglect violate ptsd pawn minimize surgery consent emergency assault battery covert felony  “OW! OMG I HAVE PTSD   STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME   I WANT TO REMEMBER” part 4a_2394 Source: Youtube

HONEST Girl Talk | Healing from Trauma, PTSD, Childhood Trauma, Depression, Anxiety & Fear

↓OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓ ★Hey ya’ll! Today I am going to share many of the things I have learned in my life and profession about taking care of my mental health and more. We will talk healing from trauma, childhood trauma, ptsd, anxiety and depression. We are talking healing These have helped build… Read More »


To jumpstart your healing and learn more about symptoms of Childhood PTSD — how they happen, and what to do — take my online course Healing Childhood PTSD: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/fairy-course-tf-from-youtube Not sure if you have Childhood PTSD?? Take my Quiz: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/cptsd-quiz Become a Member and Save! Register to access ALL my growing list of online courses… Read More »

IN-DEPTH LOOK at Suffering From PTSD | My Life Story *Update*

This is an in-depth look into my PTSD and how my father’s trifecta abuse affected me from my childhood into my adult life right now. Emotional PTSD : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrAq9Ym3BkA http://bit.ly/GuueyGuubers http://bit.ly/KevGuueyAnimE Source: Youtube

Triggers & Emotional Flashbacks

Triggers and Emotional Flashbacks are part of the trauma based symptoms caused by abuse. Inf act, triggers cause flashbacks. If you have CTSD or PTSD, chances are you experience emotional flashbacks. I explain what triggers are, how they cause a flashback, what occurs when we are in an emotional flashback, as well as tricks and… Read More »

Tim Fletcher's Finding Freedom Talk On Anger – Part 10

Gaslighting – Extreme Psychological Abuse 🚩Finding Freedom does industry training around addictions with a focus on complex trauma. 🚩 🙋 NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO? 📢 Finding Freedom now offers online chat counselling. We have a licensed counselor on staff.👩 Hourly rates are based on income to make sure that is affordable for everyone. onlinecounselling@findingfreedom.ca… Read More »

What's the difference between CPTSD and PTSD…with Sarah Griffiths, episode 6.

Much of the information in this session is taken from my book…. Special online digital copy price of $5.00USD http://bit.ly/Sallyg-bookoffer Contact me at enquiries@sallyg.com or on +61 434 075459 or book a FREE 30 minute intro with me at http://bit.ly/Sallyg30minintro In all of my videos I aim to give value and show you how as… Read More »