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complex PTSD – when the mental health system failed you

Here’s the link to book your 15 min time slot https://calendly.com/tanjawindegger/mental-health-support Thank you so much for supporting me with this goal 🙂 once you confirmed your time, you’ll automatically receive an email with the link for the zoom conference room. On the day, you just click on that link and we can chat 🙂 Download… Read More »

PTSD Nation | Dr. John Omaha and Stefan Molyneux

Podcast: http://www.fdrurl.com/omaha Dr. Omaha, an innovator in the field of emotion regulation, created Affect Centered Therapy. He has trained hundreds of therapists in ACT and AMST throughout the United States, in Australia, and in Europe. Dr. Omaha conducts outcome research on ACT and AMST through the Institute for Affect Centered Therapy, a non-profit he established… Read More »

Crimes And Misery: A Personal Account part II

firstly, sorry about the audio, i had to play music in the background so that the staff wouldn’t hear what i was saying. will try to provide transcripts for both parts. in between videos, staff got suspicious and came by, and i had to hide my phone (note: the patient phones in the building are… Read More »

Complex PTSD & PTSD — Narcissism

Helping people admit what they feel in order to heal from the effects of narcissism from a Biblical and Psychological Perspective. Website: www.NarcAbuseNoMore.org Email: NarcAbuseNoMore@mail.com Donate at: www.NarcissisticAbuseNoMore.com Watch/Listen at: https://www.brighteon.com IT Iz FINISHED End Times’ Ministries Website: www.ITIzFINISHED.com IT Iz FINISHED Email: ITIzFINISHED@mail.com Source: Youtube

PTSD: Do You Know the 8 Signs? with Dr. Tracey McCarthy

IMPORTANT – Social Security Disability Information. Do you know of anyone who has been subjected to extreme or repeated trauma, including a history of abuse? Some people struggle significantly in the aftermath of trauma, developing what is known as PTSD. Dr. Tracey McCarthy explains the 8 Major Signs of PTSD, with a caveat for symptoms… Read More »

Why I’m In Therapy – Anxiety, Trauma, CPTSD | Spiritual and Therapeutic Healing Journey

Skip to 13:40 if you just wanna hear about therapy!! Talking a little bit about what got me into therapy, and what I’ve discovered in therapy so far, along with some of my spiritual journey that has happened at the same time. I’m not going to share specifics but I’m in recovery for trauma from… Read More »

Mark Paul Bishop, M.D. – Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD – Cause & Cure.

Dr. Bishop teaches about the cause and cure of PTSD and adverse childhood experiences – ACES. Dr. Bishop explains the cure: Jesus offers the total ABSOLUTION for blame, guilt, and shame associated with PTSD and ACES. Jesus offers forgiveness to all of humanity! When we accept our rightful position in Christ our heart and brain… Read More »

7 Ways Childhood Trauma Follow You Into Adulthood

Childhood abuse can have far reaching effects. From insecurities to intimacy issues, from not daring to trust people to difficulties making friends, the effects of childhood abuse can show in any area of your life. Related videos: 6 Types of Childhood Abuse – Coping with PTSD – Hotlines link: https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/ptsd-hotline/ References: Brandt, A. (2017, June… Read More »

The F**kening 2.0 – Vlogmas Day 5

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PTSD Coach app trigger tool

As with all of my videos – please watch with caution and at your own risk / discretion as some topics may be triggering to the viewer. Where necessary an appropriate trigger warning will be given for major triggering topics that are commonly widespread amongst people. Thanks for watching and enjoy!!! If you would like… Read More »