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PTSD Awareness Day

PTSD Awareness Day Published on June 25, 2020 By Addiction Campuses Editorial TeamPTSD Awareness Day is June 27. It is a day to spread the word that PTSD is a real mental disorder that affects millions of Americans and that it can be successfully treated. Table of Contents If you’re struggling with PTSD, Vertava Health… Read More »

Cure Your PTSD in Just 12 Weeks with MAP

MAP is a revolutionary healing modality to cure post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This video will help you get more awareness how it impacted my life and how I healed it 100% by going to MAP program. It influenced my life to a great extent that I am now pursuing MAP as my profession. This… Read More »

PTSD reaction to George Floyd protests & media | Quitting Kratom: Day 24

today’s video is about PTSD, instead of my kratom taper. it shows how environmental factors and current events can strongly trigger people with PTSD. i’m shown having a PTSD reaction (near panic attack) and being in a dissociated, flashback state. 0:08 – having strong PTSD reaction to George Floyd news and protest rhetoric. i give… Read More »

On PTSD induced social anxiety. Kratom nausea. Park day! | Quitting Kratom: Day 19

kratom straight up just left me nauseated all day. hypothesis: i might’ve started drinking it too early on in the day (11AM vs my usual 12-1PM). 0:10 – strategizing about going to a park later. should i bring kratom, or not? 1:27 – on social anxiety caused by PTSD. 4:22 – footage of how i… Read More »

PTSD meds & coping mechanisms. Why not cold turkey? Responding to comments | Quitting Kratom: Day 16

what medications am i currently prescribed? what sort of coping mechanisms have helped with my PTSD? why aren’t i just going cold turkey? answering comments. GOAL: keep on track with yesterday’s taper progress and consume kratom for 4.5 hours, or less, today. 00:27 – why i’m choosing not to cold turkey kratom. 4:08 – how… Read More »

Complex PTSD and overcoming trauma

Hey! This is introduction to give you a rough over view about my life and why I am sharing my story. I hope you get something out if it. If you have any questions please just ask I am doing this to help people and inspire others. If I can find my way out of… Read More »

EP 3: Understanding Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome An African American Experience (Part 2)

Join Kaii Marie as she discusses the second symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Ever Present Anger. What causes ever present anger? Dr. DeGruy says, “much of the anger is a reaction to our hopes and dreams being continuously undermined by the institutions which govern us and racism that permeates American society.” Kaii Marie will… Read More »

THRIVE Show Jordann Alyce – Trauma and Resilience & PTSD Triggers and How To Deal

​Jordann Alyce is an author, public speaker and coach helping survivors of trauma grow resilience and transform their life’s pain points into purpose.  ​ www.instagram.com/jordannalyce www.facebook.com/jordannalyce www.linkedin.com/in/jordannalyce THRIVE – Creating a Healthy Lifestyle, THRIVING Business & A Life of INTENTION Hosted by Success Coach Val Nichols www.valnichols.com www.facebook.com/itsvalnichols www.instagram.com/itsvalnichols Source: Youtube

Why PTSD and Substance Abuse Affects Traumatized Victims

LINK: https://therecover.com/why-ptsd-and-substance-abuse-affects-traumatized-victims/ People traumatized by domestic violence and mistreatment are likely to suffer from PTSD and substance abuse or addiction. These two conditions have an intensely negative impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Typically, survivors from trauma are most likely to struggle with relationship problems, mental disorders, job-related instability, and drug addiction than any… Read More »

Codependency Recovery – Narcissist & Codependent – Dependency & Addiction – Twin Flame Journey CPTSD

*There is some swearing. I’m talking freely on this one, it resonates or it doesn’t. Thanks. Why we need recovery for the partners, families and friends of ‘addicts’ and ‘victims’ of ‘narcissistic abuse’. I’m not here to blame and shame anyone, I’m here to help anyone and everyone to heal. Even if you are the… Read More »