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Fusion Twist Power Yoga Somatic Trauma Healing Shaking Rebirthing Breath

Expect a lot of twists. AK FUNKY TWISTS. A great class for resetting digestion. For bloating, stomach ache and other digestive upsets. Expect shamanic shaking. I am choosing it to call it that. It is shaking of the body with no structural fashion. Loosening up the tissue. Softening up the connective tissue so that we… Read More »

Erase painful memories (Overcome PTSD).

Switch off traumatic memory neurons and fear networks is possible without drugs… This spot is more adapted to women’s Brain/Networks This advanced Session aims to overcome/ erase traumatic memories and PTSD symptoms… With a sufficient number of trials we can reach the extinguishing of a specific traumatic memory episode. We are able to confirm that… Read More »