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What is PTSD – A Day In The Life

What You Go Through When Dealing With PTSD illustrated drawings, Welcome to Southern Mom Life My name is Amanda and In this video I explain briefly PTSD and To those who have Stayed Connected thank you my Camera Broke! To those who are New Welcome I hope my channel provides you with all the inspiration… Read More »

Part 1. The Cause of my Complex Trauma / C-PTSD **Trigger Warning**

I have layer upon layer of anger and frustration built up around me, like an impenetrable shield…. In hopes of excavating my best and most authentic self, I’m looking within – and shining the brightest light into the darkest recesses… Thank you all, for supportively listening, as I work my way through my pain, toward… Read More »

Vlogging outside with Agoraphobia, PTSD, Asthma & Depression

I am an Asthmatic for 3 Years now. I also suffer from Heavy Anxiety ( more then half of it is Agoraphobia ) PTSD , mild Deprssion due to multiple Life traumas( rape, witnessing Violence in My Family for 20 years, raised by an emotionally unavailable Family with an alcoholic Father & a Mother who… Read More »

Welcome to my channel about PTSD!

Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I talk to you about my PTSD and my treatment to go along with my symptoms. My health has become the most important thing to me and I hope I can help someone else! I am also a registered medical cannibis patient for Illinois, and I will be sharing… Read More »

Hearing voices #schizophrenia #mentalhealth

It was world Mental Health Awareness Day yesterday, so I thought I would do a Double Taboo video… Hearing voices and suicide… Have you ever heard voices? #schizophrenia #mpd #anxiety #stress #depression #mentalhealthawareness #OCD #PTSD Source: Youtube