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Rape Trauma, PTSD & Anxiety . Former ADULT ENTERTAINER turnes Spiritual !

Short Story of My Life This is My First YouTube Videos, the rest of uploaded Videos are from my IGTV collection : @cristinasilivestru11_11 INSTAGRAM ✨ ✨ I am a Former 🔞 Camgirl, who was lost in the Matrix, blinded By Illusions, Money, Power. ✨ ✨ Today I have Quit Erotic Shows (since October 2018) &… Read More »

How does Ketamine Treat PTSD

PTSD is a very serious disorder that involves the intrusion in people’s consciousness, very negative, traumatic thoughts based on a horrible experience that they had in the past. Very common among people in the military, people who’ve done tours of duty in let’s say Iraq, Afghanistan, et cetera, to come home. We know that war… Read More »

Road To Resilience: Where are we going?

Let’s take a journey down the road of trauma-informed care together and look at how we have come to understand ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences study) and the development of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). What is trauma and why is it important to our homes, schools, and community? Source: Youtube

Inpatient at Hospital for Mental Illness (#bipolardepression, #PTSD, #suicide)

I promised authenticity and honesty. Let’s start here. This is my reality at the moment. I’m proud I made the choice to come into hospital myself, rather than the potential of my mental illness (bipolar II, depression, post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD], anxiety, addiction) leading me to the potential risk of self-harm and suicide, which… Read More »