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5 Types of Anxiety Disorders That May Surprise You! [2019]

Today, I’m going to talk about five types of anxiety disorders. Get your FREE Healthy Habits Guide! http://bit.ly/drfritahealthyhabits Subscribe so you’ll never miss my latest videos.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBve_ppCNE67fs3MsIocitg?sub_confirmation=1 Be sure to follow me on: Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/dr.frita/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Frita Are you are worrier? No, I don’t mean do you have appropriate concern. I mean do you have excessive, consistent,… Read More »

Living with Emotional Mental Anxiety Distress Episode Two

Sharing my life story Episode Two. Updates on the last week since my Episode. I live daily with P.T.S.P, Agoraphobia, Depression, Severe Anxiety, Anthropophobia and much more. I hope that my story can help someone else know that you are not alone. Much Love and keep spreading the love no matter how hard things get… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Addiction Treatment Program at Sovereign Health – Mark's Review

http://www.sovcal.com/treatment-programs/mental-health-rehabilitation-treatment-clinic/ This video is a review by Mark about his experience in the Mental Health Program at Sovereign Health Group. Mark was referred to Sovereign Health by his addiction specialist doctor, so he did some research and discovered outstanding feedback about the facility, which led him to enter the program. Mark is a long-time heroin… Read More »

How To Face Problems In Life In Urdu Hindi

Aslam O alaikum, Hope you will be doing fine there in this video i share few tips though that you can face every problem for more details please watch this video till end and dont forget to subscribe our channel. You may write us your problems Whatsapp +923030541430 Gmail You Mar Write us email at… Read More »

PTSD Epidemic

More adults and children are diagnosed with PTSD and acute anxiety disorders than anytime in our history. Military, first responders, as well as survivors of child abuse, accidents, tragic loses, bullying, and now mass shootings. These symptoms can be passed to family members for generations to come. Minimization and prevention tools are needed to combat… Read More »


Had to find a new counselor. Which is never easy to do. But, today’s the day! NEW COUNSELOR FOR MY COMPLEX PTSD Please ✔️subscribe, ✔️share and ✔️like if you haven’t already. I would really appreciate it.💙 Follow Me: 👥 Facebook 👥 @shirleyannstory 🐦Twitter🐦 @shirleys1113 💁 Instagram💁 @shirl1113 🛒Awareness Merchandise🛒 https://teespring.com/stores/cptsd-talk 📧 cptsdtalk@gmail.com Music: Au Cinema… Read More »

Anxiety Test In Urdu Hindi

Aslam O alaikum, I hope you all will be doing fine there in this video i will ask 10 question to you if you have all the 10 yes then you are confirm in anxiety and you should start treatment of this. we can find treatment of this at home without any medicine. for more… Read More »

What Is Panic Attack Its Symptoms Reason And Treatment In Urdu Hindi

#panicattack #panicdisroder Aslam O alaikum, hope you all will be doing fine there in this video we will talk about the panic attack what is the panic attack and what are the reasons there how we can find treatment of this at home without any medicine. for more details please watch the video till end.… Read More »


5 WORST FOODS TO EAT WITH ANXIETY DISORDER. I’ll tell you these foods and why you shouldn’t eat them if you have Anxiety Disorder. Tell me in the comments if you’d stop eating them or not. Please ✔️subscribe, ✔️share and ✔️like if you haven’t already. I would really appreciate it.💙 🛒Awareness Merchandise🛒 https://teespring.com/stores/cptsd-talk 📧 cptsdtalk@gmail.com… Read More »


Hello everybody, today’s video is part 5 to my series Easy Anxiety. This one is about post traumatic stress disorder. I hope this will teach you something, I definitely learned so much researching all these disorders. Part 1: https://youtu.be/VC_SS0Y9qcc Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: All the beats in this video are by my friend… Read More »

PTSD and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Discussion

1:00 what is PTSD 3:25 Stressor 5:16 Intrusion Symptoms 8:22 Avoidance 9:18 Negative Alterations in Mood 12:12 Alerations in Arousal and Reactivity 14:16 Duration 14:34 Functional Significance 14:57 Exclusion 17:04 Anxiety 19:40 how anxiety related to PTSD 29:00 closing remarks and thoughts 5tat and gameDojo Podcast on Mental health issues in gaming https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/know-nothing/id1469582673 ptsd website… Read More »