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5 Types of Anxiety Disorders That May Surprise You! [2019]

Today, I’m going to talk about five types of anxiety disorders. Get your FREE Healthy Habits Guide! http://bit.ly/drfritahealthyhabits Subscribe so you’ll never miss my latest videos.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBve_ppCNE67fs3MsIocitg?sub_confirmation=1 Be sure to follow me on: Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/dr.frita/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Frita Are you are worrier? No, I don’t mean do you have appropriate concern. I mean do you have excessive, consistent,… Read More »

PTSD is acting up | Couponing For Groceries

Hey! Today we are talking PTSD and how I handle my symptoms when I am having anxiety from it. I hope you enjoy this short vlog! |LINKS IF YOU NEED HELP| | NATIONAL HOTLINE FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND MENTAL HEALTH LINK| https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline |HOTLINE FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE TOLL FREE/ HOTLINE LINK | https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/drug-rehab/drug-abuse-hotline/#gref |IF YOU ARE… Read More »

How To Face Problems In Life In Urdu Hindi

Aslam O alaikum, Hope you will be doing fine there in this video i share few tips though that you can face every problem for more details please watch this video till end and dont forget to subscribe our channel. You may write us your problems Whatsapp +923030541430 Gmail You Mar Write us email at… Read More »

Bipolar Disorder Manic Depression In Urdu Hindi

Aslam O alaikum, Hope you will be doing fine there in this video we will talk about the bipolar order normally this problem is also know as manic depression in this problem patient has one mania episode and another one is depression episode for details please watch the video till end. we can find treatment… Read More »

Health Anxiety Hypochondria Somatoform Disorder In Urdu Hindi

Asalam O alaikum, Ye aik health ki bemari hai jis me insan apni health lo le k buht preshan rehta hai jaise hi koi us k samany kisi bemari ka zikar karta hai yan koi bemari ka zikar sunta hai to foran use lagta hai k ye bemari use b hogyi hai is bemari me… Read More »

Anxiety Test In Urdu Hindi

Aslam O alaikum, I hope you all will be doing fine there in this video i will ask 10 question to you if you have all the 10 yes then you are confirm in anxiety and you should start treatment of this. we can find treatment of this at home without any medicine. for more… Read More »

Are Your Anxiety Symptoms Related To Past Trauma? 8 Questions To Find Out Now

Begin Turning Fear Into Freedom Through The #1 CBT Based Solution For Anxiety Today: https://anxietyexit.com/my-program/ Description: If your anxiety symptoms are related to past trauma and repressed emotion, you will find out today. These 8 questions will provide immense clarity as to whether you’re carrying around energy related to trauma during your childhood. Please keep… Read More »

Anxiety Part I Psycho Education

In this video I will discuss anxiety, its reasons, why you should not worry more about anxiety and simple methods to manage anxiety. This is a lengthy video. Please watch this video completely so that you can clearly understand anxiety. Psychoeducation about anxiety is the key to anxiety cure. You may have to listen to… Read More »

A PTSD TIP — A little talk with the brain

Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD.  Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn.  PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to… Read More »

The Guide to Tackle Anxiety (Anxiety / PTSD Anxiety / Depression / OCD)

Learn to live a happier more enjoyable life free from anxiety. Your Happy Place – https://www.attackonanxiety.com/your-happy-place Introduction Initially I was second guessing myself whether I was even qualified to write about anxiety after all I am no doctor I have no PHD nor am I a wise monk but then I thought who better to… Read More »

Mental Health Series #5 | Anxiety Disorders

I will be going over anxiety disorders such as general anxiety disorders, PTSD, panic attack, OCD, and generalized anxiety disorders. I myself have been living with these many symptoms from OCD to anxiety, I found that self exposure therapy helps overcome many symptoms with daily living. I hope that you can either relate or understand… Read More »

Ultimate Guide to solve Anxiety Disorders In Women

Learn More – http://bit.ly/2G5JL16 SolveShit is all about providing the best solutions for all your problems. Please subscribe to our channel and hit that bell icon for instant updates. TAGS: solve anxiety disorders in women,anxiety,anxiety symptoms,anxiety disorder,anxiety attack,panic attack,what is anxiety,anxiety test,signs of anxiety,panic attack symptoms,gad,mental illness,post traumatic stress disorder,anxiety attacks symptoms,anxiety disorder symptoms,what causes… Read More »