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Soldiers suffering from PTSD are being taught ancient skills at bladesmithing school | ABC News

At a historic homestead south of Canberra, soldiers suffering from PTSD are being taught an ancient skill, to help them forge out a new direction in life. Read more here: https://ab.co/30NZ1Z9 For more from ABC News, click here: https://ab.co/2kxYCZY You can watch more ABC News content on iview: https://ab.co/2OB7Mk1 Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://ab.co/1svxLVE… Read More »


XARMY BATTALION CONTRACT – TEN “MERCENARIES WITH VALOUR” – SHADOW BOXING! This is a “FULL ON cRaZy” PVP Competition open to only members of the XARMY Battalion. Those members who have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or suffer with rage should think twice before entering this “battle of the bastards”! The star prize is… Read More »

Exit Strategy For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: New Hope For War Fighters & Civilians Alike

http://chicagomedicalinnovations.org/ This groundbreaking new book explores the history of PTSD, its financial and social costs, and introduces us to the use of stellate ganglion block (SGB) as an extremely effective treatment for PTSD. Supporters say SGB has the potential to change the face of PTSD forever. Chicago based anesthesiologist and author Eugene Lipov, MD has… Read More »

Horses Helping Veterans with PTSD

Mike Gaba met with Laurie Sakaeda, PhD and learned about equine facilitated psychotherapy that is used to help with PTSD, depression, and other issues. The program is named “A Helping Hoof” and is located in Grantsville, Utah. Also, three veterans discuss their experiences with the program. Source: Youtube

#124 – Matt Bruce – Healing the battle with Trauma & PTSD

Meet Matt Bruce, the SAS veteran thriving with PTSD. He’s recently become an author, with his first book “Warriors War” as well as launched Australias first PTSD online learning platform. In this episode we talk about: -Emotions -PTSD -Matts story -Shame -Self worth -Orgasms & sex -Wants vs needs …. and so much more. To… Read More »

PTSD Challenge Day 15

Day 15th of 25 Push-ups for 25 days. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) awareness 25 push-ups for 25 days challenge day 10th of 25 days. I hope this will help to raise awareness for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression that drive people to commit suicide. Thanks to Mr. Narjang Limbu for nominating me for this challenge,… Read More »

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Help Available!

This video briefly mentions Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and where to get help. No more suffering in silence!!!! You’re not alone! PTSDconsultVa.gov (1) (866) 948-7880 Veteran crisis Hotline (1) (800) 273-8255 Source: Youtube