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The stigma around PTSD makes it seem as if War veterans are the only ones effects. We push away the disorder far out from our everyday lives, believing that it won’t effect the people around us. Pushing it away doesn’t make it easier – in fact the complete opposite. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can take… Read More »

Let Art be a Light in the Darkness | Alastair Luft | Alastair Luft | TEDxDonMills

We may disagree over ideas and speak different languages, but we are united as people for the simple fact that we all have the potential, at least, to feel. And art, is how we share those feelings. Alastair is a 20-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and author of The Battle Within, a novel… Read More »

Tackling PTSD Through Art | Amazing Humans

Barry left the military after 23 years of service. Having witnessed many soldiers suffer with PTSD, he spent his army pension setting up a gallery for veterans. Now, through art therapy sessions, he offers solace and a safe space to those suffering with PTSD along with any other socially excluded members of the community. —… Read More »

Cutting-edge treatment helping those who suffer from PTSD

This video features LMSW Holly Christensen and Juls Thompson’s recent experience with Accelerated Resolution Therapy. REXBURG — Imagine living daily with the emotional torment that comes from a traumatic life event months or decades after it happened. “For some, it’s debilitating,” licensed master social worker Holly Christensen says. “They just stop, and they’re stuck.” Thanks… Read More »

Trauma – Animation Meme (read desc for backstory)

I did the “Trauma” Animation Meme (Original by JellyJamie) and it’s choppy and pretty sloppy, but whatever heh. Whoops, a dash too eDgy *gag* sorry about that.. but here’s some backstory about it: [also, Kira (The OC I’ve been using) fights evil and bad guys n stuff and works for a good force of ppl… Read More »

Jesus & The Robot – At The End Of The Day (The PTSD Song)

Moral Injury: Songs For Children (2010) At The End Of The Day (The PTSD Song) It’s been five years since I’ve came back from, came back from Iraq and nearly three since our last album was pulled out of a hat. Not much has changed except incidents and medication and medication. I spent much of… Read More »

Ayahuasca Foundation Interview on Dietas, PTSD, DMT, Healing, Personal Power. Retreats in Peru

Do you ever wonder if you could make your life better? In this interview we have a great leader in Ayahuasca Research and Retreats. He answers questions about Dietas, Ceremony, Lineage Holders, Training and much more. www.FindingTheForce.com for training in the US and recommendations for retreats abroad. Like this Channel and Subscribe! What are the… Read More »

Jason’s Story – Art & PTSD/TBI

In recent years there has been increased interest in the relationship between art and healing in the medical world. More than three hundred professional organizations are researching, documenting, and systematizing how engagement with the creative processes impacts the development of disease and the likelihood of recovery. The mission of the Foundation is to use its… Read More »

PTSD..its a B*tch. #ArtTherapy

PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Mental Health Disorders, whatever…. it all sucks dix. This is my therapy. This is what I use to cope. I can only hope that others find a good and productive coping mechanism. CHECK ME OUT ON LIVEME @AngryVeteran If you would like to make a onetime donation, Please use the link below:… Read More »

Terrarium Piece

In this performance, I wanted to explore some of the more disturbing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are times that memories become repetitive that there is no distinction between the beginning and end. Sentences are repetitive and cause me great distress when they begin. While one may be physically present, these moments take me… Read More »

ptsd and accelerated resolution therapy, my experience with a.r.t. therapy #ptsd #arttherapy

I am trying my best to let you know what happens during accelerated resolution therapy. It is very helpful for ptsd and I recommend this to anyone has ptsd or even if you are just having a really hard time with intrusive thoughts. It has helped me so much and I will be going back… Read More »