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8 HOURS of Gentle Night Rain, Rain, Rain Sounds – Sleep, Insomnia, Meditation, Relaxing, Yoga, Study

8hrs of Gentle rain at night (No Music, No Thunder) combined with an effective and very realistic video of Rain falling. Both combine to create what I believe to be one of the best rain videos I have either seen or made. 8 hours of Rain, 8 hours of Rain Sounds, Gentle Rain, Light Rain,… Read More »

Reiki for PTSD

Reiki for Post-traumatic stress disorder. I don’t have any experience personally with PTSD, but I know it has impacted a number of people close to me. I am truly empathetic. This video was requested by a viewer. ____________________ If you have a request for a video, please leave a comment below and I’ll give it… Read More »

Meditation for connecting body and mind | Dedicated to soldiers, and those with PTSD

Hello beautiful, Tonight’s #ASMR guided meditation is dedicated to soldiers, to commemorate 100 years since WW1. As many solders, then and now, suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), I have made this mediation in mind to relieve the mental stress of this anxiety disorder and hopefully allow you to get some sleep. Of course, this… Read More »

asmr / sshhhh calming you down through anxiety

#asmrhandmovements #asmranxietyattack #personalattentionasmr Hey guys – little more “serious” of a video for you here. I don’t want to call this a role play because I’m not playing a role in this, unless that role is myself. I know what anxiety is like, and how terrifying and overwhelming panic attacks feel like. I use ASMR… Read More »

Sanctuary #1 – You Are Safe – ASMR Relaxation Session Dedicated to PTSD Sufferers

Sanctuary is the the first part in what will be an ongoing periodic series dedicated primarily to those who suffer with PTSD. If you don’t suffer with PTSD, of course you are still welcome to enjoy this video. However, it is my goal to provide those that suffer not only with ASMR and relaxation, but… Read More »


IGTV with Carolina on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2MtN0Ph FEAR OF COMMITMENT IS YOUR #1 BLOCK TO MANIFESTATION In today’s video, I talk about the most important hurdle to overcome when it comes to manifestation for people with CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of prolonged and “invisible” psychological abuse). And that is overcoming the aversion… Read More »

ASMR Girlfriend Nightmare Comfort (PTSD) Anxiety (Close Up Whisper Sleep) (Heartbeat) Summer Night

Want to help support my work? Join me on Patreon 🙂 ➦ https://www.patreon.com/skyevibesaudio Hey guys, hope you are all getting a good start to your week. For those of you who suffer nightmares, I thought you may enjoy my nightmare comfort audio with some crickets and other night sounds in the background. Since some of… Read More »