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Plaster Podcast 02 | Will Ratliff – Transcend Ketamine Clinic (PTSD, KAP & Mental Health)

Will Ratliff is the director of operations and lifestyle coach at Transcend: Austin Ketamine Infusion Therapy transcendketamine.com Transcend is a Multimodality Ketamine Clinic specializing in Veteran and First Responder PTSD and patients that have long standing treatment resistant depression but we treat many different conditions. Transcend utilizes Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and individualized lifestyle modification coaching… Read More »

Black Mercy "PTSD"

Artist: Black Mercy Song: “PTSD” Video Executed by Butcher Bear  Thank you to every single person who is featured in this video of absolute finger-board destruction;   you can follow them on instagram here: @fingerfoot_fb @all.black.forever @worthless_prophet @benbeebefb @whytmyk @srgbsfs @rsfingerboard @atrain.fb @mathisbaumgart @fult.n @finger_snaps @effbee.fb @jogrimfb @piff.fb.sport @trickdoze_fb @goofy_fb @dank.mode @rsfingerboard  Album: “For The… Read More »

Subtle trauma verses PTSD explained

Mindy Kanewske, LCSW explains how chronic subtle experiences in childhood can have a lasting impact into adulthood. She describes the difference between PTSD symptoms, which are more commonly discussed, and subtle trauma. Also she mentions the two therapy treatments that can help release experiences which are stuck in current life. Source: Youtube

Erase PTSD, Anxiety, Stress and Trauma

Receive a COMPLIMENTARY 20-minute Consultation by phone or Skype now:  U.S. Clients: https://book.pocketsuite.io/book/brian-d-mahan-sep International Clients https://www.yocale.com/p/Los-Angeles/Therapist/BrianDMahanSEP#.WvHv4tMvxQI Visit: http://www.BrianDMahan.com/ Contact Info: SKYPE: SomaticExperience EMAIL: BrianDMahanSEP@gmail.com Los Angeles based Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Brian D. Mahan, SEP offers Somatic Experiencing sessions worldwide by Skype. CONNECT WITH ME: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BrianDMahanSEP Twitter: https://twitter.com/briandmahansep LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/briandmahansep Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/briandmahansep/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/briandmahansep/ SUBSCRIBE… Read More »

Alex Lahey – “Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder” @ Bangers, SXSW 2017, Best of SXSW Live, HQ

Australian band Alex Lahey performs Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder at Bangers at SXSW , Austin Texas, 03/15/2017, Live HQ Check out You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me, Let’s Go Out, Ivy League, Leave Me Alone, Wes Anderson, Air Mail, I Want U, Lotto In reverse, Every Day’s The Weekend, I Love You Like… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This is a sample from the 2009 Advanced Mastery Training. Get the full 25 DVDs here! http://j.mp/4ZCgBL 25 Hours of Some of the Best NLP Training on DVD! This is an excerpt from the Advanced Mastery Training, an NLP workshop for post-Master Practitioners held on August 10-15, 2009. This excerpt features Andrew T. Austin. The… Read More »