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Choline: A New Prenatal Supplement to Improve a Child’s Mental Health

Each month The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation hosts a Meet the Scientist Webinar featuring a researcher discussing the latest findings related to mental illness. In September, 2019, the Foundation featured Dr. M. Camille Hoffman of the National Institute of Mental Health. Description: Dr. Hoffman’s research into the fetal origins of mental illness, including schizophrenia,… Read More »

Neurodiversity, Autism & Bipolar

I used to be supportive of the neurodiversity paradigm but now I distance myself from it because of the extremism I see – it has become cult-like with activists and advocates attacking people with different points of view, including people with the same diagnosis. People who are passionate about the neurodiversity paradigm tend to see… Read More »

PTSD – part 1 – Childhood PTSD – avoidance, shutdowns

There has been very little information available about the childhood presentation of PTSD, where a child under the age of 6 years old has experienced trauma such as sexual abuse. Not many professionals know much about it and diagnosis was missed until my 40s (with suffering for many years). I am an adult that has… Read More »

PTSD – part 3 – Triggers, Flashbacks, Freeze with Sexual Assault

TW: brief mention of sexual assault & religious abuse. My presentation of PTSD is mainly the childhood version with avoidance, shutdowns and hypervigilance. I am more affected by other features such as flashbacks when I am in a bipolar mood episode. What PTSD triggers & flashbacks are. How my name was a big trigger after… Read More »

Autism vs Bipolar, PTSD, Social Anxiety

Please excuse my difficulties with fluently speaking. I am anxious and I say ‘um’ frequently when I am anxious because my mind is struggling to focus. I was previously told by a psychiatrist and a psychologist that I am on the autistic spectrum. Later, I had an assessment and was told that whilst I have… Read More »

PTSD struggles – Let’s talk about it

I’ve been really struggling with my PTSD the past couple weeks. Let’s dive into the things most people don’t want to talk about. Because if you struggle with this, you deserve to know it’s okay. You matter and your mental health is more important than work, school, friends expectations, church, and anything else that feels… Read More »

One Month On ZOLOFT!!! (UPDATE)

Another update on my Zoloft journey! Hope you enjoy!!! Please like, comment, and subscribe! TWITTER: Tweets by pizzaboynizza FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/justinnizza iTUNES: https://https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/justin-nizza/id901925263 BLOG: https://pizzaboynizza.wordpress.com INSTAGRAM: pizzaboynizza VIDEO GAME (When Imaginary) https://pizzaboynizza.itch.io/when-imaginary Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting,… Read More »

Searching for Biomarkers of Stress Related Mental Illness and Suicidality

Each month The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation hosts a Meet the Scientist Webinar featuring a researcher discussing the latest findings related to mental illness. In July, 2019, the Foundation featured Dr. Lynnette A. Averill of Yale University. Description: Suicidal ideation and suicide attempts are important precursors to death by suicide. They occur much more… Read More »

Larry Honig, PhD. , a clinical psychologist and LENS neurofeedback practitioner.

Larry Honig, Ph.D. Is a LENS neurofeedback practitioner and clinical psychologist in Wellington, New Zealand. He currently treats mostly traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder. Many of his clients purchased the Bellabee for home use after trying it out for a few minutes. While treatment with the LENS and psychotherapy can create lasting… Read More »

New Cause of Autism Discovered & MDMA for PTSD

Call in live: 267-579-2216 I’m a PhD candidate in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, and think of this kind of like office hours with a teacher where you can discuss anything you find interesting. I have a podcast, Wired to be Weird, about the brain with episodes devoted to specific topics – like why… Read More »

Autism & PTSD – Need to find a straight single female to write to romantically in the UK

I created this video hoping to be able to get to know a straight single female around my age of 27-28 to get to know romantically. I have been through so much trauma due to social experiences which have ended badly due to reasons out of my control. I’m hoping by creating this video, I… Read More »