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Cell Vlogs ep.2 CPTSD, Anxiety Issues and Chronic Illness. Are they connected?

Greetings my friends! This is part 2 of my series about mental health, dealing with life after trauma and a deeper look at things often overlooked. This video deals with chronic pain & how often illness can affect those with ptsd or cptsd, as well as why those who battle these things can seem “flaky”… Read More »


A few months before walking to the office, this woman was at the lowest point health wise. One night her husband noticed her having a seizure in her sleep. At that point, she had extremely high stress and various digestive issues, so they went to many different doctors looking for answers. Unfortunately, none of the… Read More »

Can you process a trauma that you don't remember?

One of the more common confusions is how one heals a trauma, or a lifetime of traumas, when there is ZERO memory of it, or them. In this vlog I get into this. The key is working with the body, the somatic self, and also with the survival stress. Enjoy! RESOURCES MENTIONED: ARTICLE: 9 Common… Read More »

Ibogaine Treatment for PTSD and Autoimmune Interview

Treatment Center: David Dardashti’s Ibogaine Clinic Website: https://ibogaineclinic.com Location: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Contact: 1-800-846-8136 Information: For more information about David Dardashti’s Ibogaine Clinic and Ibogaine treatment for addiction, PTSD, depression, and anxiety please visit our website or contact us today using the information above. David is interviewed by a now good friend of ours,… Read More »

Medicinal Weed for Severe PTSD

hey i’m back… finally!! This video is about being approved for medicinal marijuana due to PTSD and the process of applying for it. Also a quick update about my world being turned upside down. *******ALSO i have no idea how i FORGOT to mention that my blood tests have been stable ever since i’ve picked… Read More »

How stored up traumatic (toxic) stress creates chronic illness

Fibromyalgia, chronic pain/fatigue, digestive problems (IBS, Crohn’s etc.), severe anxiety/depression, autoimmune problems, there are SO many more! – are a direct result of a dysregulated nervous system. In this video I explain a few details about how a person ends up with the signs and symptoms (the syndromes) of chronic illness. _____________________________________________________________ Head to my… Read More »