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part F of G-8/7/17"HAVE PTSD /TAKING ADVANTAGE/WANT TO REMEMBER" 3rd sx-part 4a_2394

“Why am I crying?“ ”the meds”. domestic violence abuse child children neglect violate ptsd pawn minimize surgery consent emergency assault battery covert felony  “OW! OMG I HAVE PTSD   STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME   I WANT TO REMEMBER” part 4a_2394 Source: Youtube

How To Overcome Shame If Your C-PTSD Lands YOU In Trouble

Mark Smith offers encouragement and wisdom for those in the C-PTSD community who might have gotten into some kind of trouble due to their excruciating trauma. 1. How could you not get in trouble – someone poured gas all over you and lit you on fire 2. Types of trouble – arrested for battery, destruction… Read More »