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PBS NewsHour full episode, Sept. 13, 2021

Monday on the NewsHour, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken faces congressional scrutiny over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Then, a sharp rise in childrens’ hospitalizations prompts pediatricians to advocate for emergency authorization of COVID vaccinations for those under 12. And, how 9/11 first responders still suffering from toxin exposure struggle to receive adequate health… Read More »

FUNNY – Donald Trump Sarah Palin (ANIMAL Abuser) endorse VP Ted Cruz Rubio GOP Values Fox CNN PTSD

READ = Conservatives spam up the liberal invention the I-net and social media the most because they are sooo bored in the country hicks. They suffer from = ***** HOMOPHOBIA, XENOPHOBIA, SEXISM, RACISM ***** many confederates left from civil war. Regan has nothing on FDR (40 hr work-week, OT, sick time, UE – you ALL… Read More »