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Catholic Mass Readings Hour Religious Christian Holy Scripture Prayer Sleep Anxiety PTSD ASMR #11

Full Readings for Entire week Roman Catholic Mass Readings Liturgical Lectionary Nineteenth Week Ordinary Time 2019 Soothing Food for the soul Beautiful Scripture, Listen randomly, or all at once… Or, For current Reading Schedule at time of upload For Sunday (August 11, 2019): Go to beginning of the Video For Monday: Click Here 10:28 For… Read More »

RAW, REAL & HONEST – 9 years since being diagnosed with Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Hey Guys, ITS TIME TO MAKE A STAND, So this video as you can see is about how 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) I feel is super important to share with you all because its about a topic that is close to my heart and I believe this… Read More »

Practical Help and Information for PTSD / SHERI MCLAUGHLIN

Sheri McLaughlin is a registered professional counsellor who has suffered many traumatic experiences of her own. Trauma shakes a person to the core of their being and has a huge impact on how a person lives their life. It can cause profound and lasting changes in a person’s emotion, cognition, and memory long after the… Read More »

PTSD: A Memory Disorder with demonic reminders

Recovery from PTSD and recognizable demonic reminders of traumatic event (s). Regarding Addictions as a response to fear of past (PTSD) memories, this video is specific to this setup. You begin to fear your own addiction as an ‘evil’ bully / threat, and this fear itself creates more addictive behavior without proper coping skills and… Read More »