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* November Collection * Bilateral Music Therapy | Eight Sessions | Calm Anxiety, PTSD, Sleep | EMDR

Eight bilateral stimulation sessions from November’s uploads. Find one that’s right for you! Bilateral music therapy is used to treat those with anxiety, PTSD, restlessness, and a variety of other unwanted stressors. During the music you’ll hear a beat that goes between the left and right ear. This to stimulate the brain and the communication… Read More »

1 HR Bilateral Music Therapy Session | Anxiety, PTSD, Stress | Campfire Stream Nature Sounds | EMDR

Relax with beautiful music and the sounds of a campfire next to a brook, all under the twinkling stars. Bilateral stimulation music therapy is helping people from all over the world reprogram their brains for the better. Bilateral music therapy is music with a beat that pans between the left and right ears. It has… Read More »