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What is PTSD and how do you combat it

Post traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that develops following frightening, stressful, or distressing life events. Characterized by intense fear, helplessness, and stress, PTSD affects normal life and functioning of the patient. Treatments include medications and psychotherapy, either alone or in combination. Symptoms are grouped into different categories: Reliving – Flashbacks, hallucinations, nightmares of… Read More »

Black Fly on The Wall: Season 3- Ep 2 PTSD is the New Black? The War on Black Mental Health

Episode 2 was a deep one. We discussed the sensitive topics of “Mental Health” and “PTSD”. Some of the cast members shared personal experiences related to mental health and counseling. This episode is definitely underrated and one the masses need to see! Black Mental health is health! Source: Youtube

Complex PTSD: Trauma in the Black Community PT 1

Twitter: Jasmine Jones LCSW This is a series I wanted to start on exploring trauma and its affects on the black community. In recent times I have found that many of us do not know how trauma and mental health work together and how detrimental it can be to ones life. This first video discusses… Read More »