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Relationship PTSD

I was in a relationship for 8 years. Those 8 years left a mark on me going into my current relationship with my fiance. Relationship trauma is very real, and a lot of us bring triggers and defensive behaviours into our current/future relationships without knowing it. Sometimes it is hard to see it, harder to… Read More »

THE BREAKUP + PTSD: Relationship Talk

***DISCLAIMER*** I am NOT a mental health professional. **CW/TW: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence This is my break up rant. It’s been a week and I’m feeling way better than I thought I would. I learned a lot about myself and how others operate. Holding myself accountable for stuff, and making sure I always sort through… Read More »

Why we say in toxic relationships with narcissist – and why it's not our fault

Thanks for joining our tribe, please subscribe 🙂 Thank you everyone for supporting this channel as we all move forward after narcissist abuse. This channel is where I hope to find my tribe, make friends, find an understanding and move forward with a full happy life Post Narcissist. Donations https://donorbox.org/post-narcissist-survivors All donations will go to… Read More »

Powerful Technique for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD & Protecting Empathic Energy – Internal Alchemy 1

This video is the first in a powerful series of techniques. This technique when down for 30 days will be very useful to rid yourself of depression and anxiety; it will help people with PTSD…. If you are an empath who has problems with their energy levels and still need to protect their energy levels… Read More »