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PTSD associated with Covid-19

Due to increased lockdown measures and increased cases associated with Covid-19 I wanted to share some data on how this pandemic has impacted our mental health and to draw a comparison between PTSD and stressors due to this virus and others in the past. In addition I wanted to share some breathing strategies that have… Read More »

day 79 ptsd outreach #hope

Day 79 of 22 press ups as outreach for emotional trauma through ptsd. My thousandth outreach video. First responders Veterans Sexual abuse/violence survivors Parents mourning children. If needed, please seek professional help for ptsd. When your inner wounds are raw and your overwhelmed. Remember to be gentle with yourself. It’s ok to not be ok.… Read More »

Menlo Park Client Training 2020

#pphRalph graduated as a Facility dog with his handler Lori. Take a look into the past 2 weeks of client training, where they learned to work with each other and develop a bond. Paws for Purple Hearts improves the lives of America’s Warriors (veterans and active duty service members) facing mobility challenges and trauma-related conditions… Read More »

iCoach Daily #109 I am not what happened to me…

iCoach Daily started when I accepted a challenge to do pushups for 25 days to raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), at first I was afraid because I don’t like doing pushups but after sometime I accepted the challenge since mental health is something I’m passionate about. As I came to the end… Read More »