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Introducing Dr Janet Franco, ThD. AKA Soulful Rosie

Janet Franco, well-known as “Soulful Rosie,” is an iconic 25-year radio personality, humanitarian and advocate for Veterans, selflessly serving men and women, First Responders, battered women and the world in need. Early in her life as a young mom with four boys, Janet struggled to resolve health issues for her children including one with a… Read More »

Doctor Dogs (Official Music Video)

Doctor dogs are amazing dogs on the cutting edge of medicine. They help keep people safe from a growing variety of physical and mental health issues, often by virtue of their incredible sense of smell. And of course, their bond with the people they love. This video — with music by Emmy-winning singer-songwriter Parry Gripp… Read More »

Positive Change Tour – PTSD – Cannabinoids Therapy

#Ok, here is a link for our fundraiser! Please share the word and give what you can!!! 😉 Tomorrow morning starting at 5 am PST, and 8 am EST #GivingTuesday begins. Please help us raise funds for our Postive Change Tour. Facebook will match up to 7 million dollars of donations given on this day!… Read More »

TIME TO DECIDE! Shamanic EFT Reading #oracle #anxiety #PTSD

I’ve been doing shamanic tapping for the last 10 days, which is akin to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) used by therapist, and I have found it incredibly beneficial in quieting my mind, so I thought I would try doing a Shamanic EFT Card reading for you guys…more readings to come. Time stamps: Cards picked at… Read More »

Episode 229: PTSD After Traumatic Kidnapping Helped By Cannabis

Leslie recounts how she was terrorized at knifepoint for 6 days in the Amazon and is using cannabis to heal from the trauma. As well, her mother’s health declined after being reminded of childhood sexual abuse. Cannabis is helping her too. ✨ Check it out! ✨ 🔔 Subscribe for more free CHR podcasts: Link is… Read More »

Living For Today – with CPTSD & Renal Cell Carcinoma

Living For Today – with CPTSD & Renal Cell Carcinoma. Trying to stay positive can be so difficult for so many of us who are living this journey. Some days can be easy and some extremely difficult. Join me as I share my thoughts as a CPTSD Survivor and an RCC Warrior. 🎗FUNDRAISER🎗 Shirley’s Fight… Read More »

Flight or Fight Response

With Flight or Fight, many of us have this reaction to different situations within our lives. It’s our way of coping and dealing in our lives. 🎗Please help me in my battle with Cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma)🎗 GOFUNDME https://www.gofundme.com/anz3t-medical-expenses If you’d like to keep updated, informed and help support me emotionally in my newest battle,… Read More »

Newest Dilemma – CPTSD – Renal Cell Carcinoma

Sharing my “Newest Dilemma” with renal cell carcinoma and new counselor. Please help me get on going treatment for Renal Cell Carcinoma 🎗GoFundMe🎗 https://www.gofundme.com/anz3t-medical-expenses 🎗FUNDRAISER🎗 Shirley’s Fight FundRaiser Renal Cell Carcinoma Tee Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Much More. All proceeds go to Shirleys Medical Costs. https://teespring.com/stores/shirleys-fight Please 🔹LIKE 🔹Comment 🔹Subscribe Follow Me On Social Media… Read More »

New Week, New Appointments – CPTSD & Cancer

New Week, New Appointments – CPTSD & Cancer sharing my thoughts on the new week that is to come and some information on a new fundraiser along with go fund me page. I can really use the help and support. Thank you in advance. Please help me get on going treatment for Renal Cell Carcinoma… Read More »

UPDATE – Renal Cell Carcinoma – Complex PTSD

UPDATE – Renal Cell Carcinoma – Complex PTSD, sharing my thoughts and the need for help to get treatment. I’m in such need of on going help and support. I pray that you can help me in anyway possible to continue treatment. Please help me get on going treatment for Renal Cell Carcinoma 🎗GoFundMe🎗 https://www.gofundme.com/anz3t-medical-expenses… Read More »

Post-Traumatic Stress and Growth

Annette L. Stanton, PhD, from the David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles discusses finding benefit and meaning, true priorities, as well as enhanced personal relationships, as a cancer survivor, with Ken Miller, MD, a medical oncologist and volunteer at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Visit us at http://www.lls.org/ Source: Youtube