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PTSD: What to do

In this film, Gill tells us what to do if someone has PTSD. She stresses that it is normal to be upset after an event, and that we need time to process what has happened. PTSD happens when this processing gets blocked because what happened is too upsetting or we can’t understand it. She recommends… Read More »

The PTSD Letters No.4: The Surgeon

This really happened at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, England on 13/11/2017. This series of letters were part of my PTSD therapy to help process the events of that day and what has happened since. It shows that it is not just the traumatic event that is important but how things are handled afterwards and… Read More »

Who gets PTSD?

This film looks at who can get PTSD. The answer to this question is anybody who has been in a situation where they were exposed to threat or danger and where they thought they might die. Most people manage to cope with these events, especially those who have good support from family and friends. Gill… Read More »