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What if nobody accepts that i'm disabled?

Hi, I’m Emily and this is my first ever Youtube video! Show your support and subscribe for more lifestyle and disability content! If you don’t follow me on social media then you won’t know that I talk about my life dealing with fibromyalgia and Me/CFS. This video, in particular, is direct at you who are… Read More »

Let’s Talk| My P.T.S.D. Journey| Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Let’s talk about it. I am going to open up about my PTSD. I’m going to talk about the effects of my PTSD before diagnosis, and how I was forced to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed me. If you haven’t watched My Abuse Story… you should watch that before this video! The background from My… Read More »

REAL TALK: Depression/PTSD, the truth about PhD, + a life update

A chatty video about where I’ve been, some recent mental health struggles, the truth about my PhD experience, and a general life update. I am working on more “typical” content to be uploaded very soon. Thanks for listening! If you are feeling urges to harm yourself or others, and/or struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings,… Read More »