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Childhood PTSD and ANGER: Is It Ever a Good Thing?

Anger is natural when we visit past experiences of abuse and neglect during childhood! We are encouraged in some modes of healing to “feel our feelings” and vent the anger. And it’s true, anger is a step up from self-hatred and depression. But when we amp up the anger, is it genuinely relieving our emotional… Read More »

Childhood PTSD and BLAME: How Much is Too Much?

When we grew up with childhood trauma, we’re sometimes justified in blaming others for struggles we have today. There’s no way to avoid placing blame on parents and others who abused and neglected us. But blame taken too far can poison the healing process and leave us disempowered and unclear how to move forward. Healing… Read More »

5 Things I'm doing to become my Children's Life Coach (Dad) Narcissistic Mom and Dad with BPD/PTSD

Instead of worrying and ruminating I had to become Children’s life Coach, as best as I can. My Children 29,28,19,17 are survivors of a PTSD Quiet BPD Father and Narcissistic Mom and Step Mother. After my complete nervous breakdown in 2016, I had to stand in my truth or face death by insanity and the… Read More »

Journaling Done right for the Mentally Ill ( dissociation, ptsd, mental health, etc.)

In this video Amy Laurel tells you the top 5 ways to use journaling for either mental health or just personal use! Get your life more organized with this brief video! You can learn more about me, my backstory, and why I am the right person to tackle this topic at my website http://www.AmyLaurel.com US… Read More »

Episode 13- A different View of PTSD and Stress

Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-2bnar-a78b0a On today’s show Aimee and Dr Nikolov speak with Brett Cotter, author and founder of Stress Is Gone, LLC an organization focused on self-care solution to reduce the effects of stress-related illnesses. This Podcast was created to help anyone who has experienced any type of abuse at any age. The Cure podcast and… Read More »


Hey y’all , thank you so much for visiting our channel. We are a military family. We love family time and having fun together. We started our youtube Channel in hopes to have a support group for our struggles with our infertility issues. Our channel has all sorts of content, from makeup to challenges. We… Read More »

Episode 9- The Symptoms of PTSD

Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-sk4k6-a4c357 In this episode Aimee and Dr. Nikolov discuss PTSD and topics relating to this worldwide epidemic.  Listen to a powerful message from a young woman who received inspiration from complete strangers about the love of God and his plans for her.   This Podcast was created to help anyone who has experienced any… Read More »

What Is PTSD?: 3 Steps To Healing Trauma | PTSD

WHAT IS PTSD? ~ http://www.WhatIsPTSD.com/book by Dr. Anna Baranowsky, PhD ~ https://whatisptsd.com Teresa Lauer, LMHC ~ https://www.TeresaLauer.com Our book, What Is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma, is the perfect companion for your recovery, introducing you to techniques and strategies that have helped thousands of our clients embark on their own healing journey. Our Kindle… Read More »