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Fears and resentment journaling and vedic meditation for childhood PTSD

This link is the one I learned this coping mechanism to lower my anxiety and stress, resentment feelings. To empty my brain and live productive daily life! How I Healed From Childhood PTSD: Free Techniques That Help Re-Regulate Your Brain and Emotions Julie Schiffman demonstrates EFT techniques for Self Love and Acceptance Childhood PTSD, codependency… Read More »

CPTSD & Relationships: Who Causes the Damage? Who Can Heal It? (Excerpt from My New Dating Course)

Childhood PTSD can have a devastating effect on our entire lives — especially in our romantic partnerships. It can feel hopeless, but the great news is, when we focus on the part of our problem where we played a role, we CAN change. In this short excerpt from my new online course, “Dating and Relationships… Read More »

CPTSD: Four Discoveries That Are Revolutionizing Treatment

Now that we know adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can cause neurological changes, the old, mostly psychological approaches to treating CPTSD are making way for newer, brain-based treatments that hold promise for millions of survivors. In this video I talk about four discoveries that transformed our old understanding of the problem. I describe more effective strategies… Read More »

Welcome to the Crappy Childhood Fairy Channel!

Hi community, here’s a brand new intro video — My name is Anna (also known as the Crappy Childhood Fairy), and I help people recognize and heal the symptoms of Childhood PTSD. This short intro video tells you what my work is about. You can learn more on my blog: https://crappychildhoodfairy.com You may be interested… Read More »

CPTSD: How to Feel SAFE

When CPTSD is active and our brains/emotions are dysregulated, we can be easily triggered by things that upset us, including things people say or do (or don’t do), things that are shocking, or just everyday stressors. Getting triggered can cost us hours and days of disruption, so the search for a “safe space” can be… Read More »

Part 2: CPTSD and Attraction to Unavailable People

Early trauma like abuse and neglect in childhood can negatively impact our capacity to have healthy romantic relationships. This is the second of two excerpts from one video in my NEW course (there are 27 videos in total), all about our attraction to unavailable and inappropriate people — and how to stop dating them! You… Read More »

CPTSD & Attraction to Unavailable People: An Excerpt from my NEW Dating Course (Part 1)

Trauma in childhood can have a lasting impact on our romantic relationships. This is one of two excerpts from one video in my NEW course (there are 27 videos in total), all about our attraction to unavailable and inappropriate people (and how to stop dating them). It ends with a question but don’t worry, the… Read More »

“My Therapist Says I Apologize and Blame Myself Too Much. Is He Wrong?”

Read more about Childhood PTSD and how to heal it at https://crappychildhoodfairy.com You can learn about my full course, Healing Childhood PTSD, here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/fairy-course-from-youtube You can also register for my new course “Dating and Relationships for People with Childhood PTSD. Learn to change negative patterns and go for what you really want in a partner,… Read More »

NEW Online Course: Dating and Relationships for People with Childhood PTSD

It’s finally here! Register for my bold new course “Dating and Relationships for People with Childhood PTSD. Learn to change negative patterns and go for what you really want in a partner, and in your life. You can register and gain instant access here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/dating-course-from-youtube Are you brand new to healing your own CPTSD? Take… Read More »

How to Handle Stressful People and Situations (like Holidays) When You Have Childhood PTSD

If you struggle to stay calm with family members — alone or at holidays — you may find yourself avoiding them altogether. As you recover from Childhood PTSD, it becomes possible to reconnect with family AND keep your inner calm. Here are practical tips for handling people and situations that are stressful for you, so… Read More »

CPTSD and “The Underdog Effect”

Sometimes it seems like there’s a cloud that hangs over folks who who went through a lot of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).  It’s a cloud made of negative outside stigma and our injured self-esteem. It limits us through tiny little changes in our habits, our judgment and our thinking. The good news is, there’s a systematic… Read More »

Resentment: A Trigger for CPTSD and Dysregulation

What’s the difference between anger and resentment in Childhood PTSD? Is it really so wrong to be resentful? Isn’t there a risk of becoming a forgiving “doormat” if you lose the resentment you carry against those who wronged you? In this video I explain the everyday toxicity of resentful thoughts, and how to use my… Read More »

Dissolving Childhood PTSD in Adults who identified as female when children – Guided Meditation.

Kindly subscribe to this channel, please, because the subscriptions we need (yours!) allow us to make more videos for you. : ) Download this track: A Child in Tears Approaches You – Dissolving Childhood PTSD in Adults. Guided Meditation/Hypnotherapy Session http://store13580012.ecwid.com/products/121986514?ref=v1:121986514:-1514513786 and many others at: http://www.hypnosis.scot http://www.selfhypnosis.scot “A Child in Tears Approaches You…” dissolves Childhood… Read More »