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5 Signs You’re Dealing With Psychological Trauma

Traumatic events can happen to everyone. It’s common. According to the National Center for PTSD, 7-8% of the U.S. population will have PTSD at some point in their lives. Trauma is not a disorder. It is an emotional response to an unexpected and terrible event where you felt that your physical safety and well-being were… Read More »

CPTSD Blinds You To Relationship RED FLAGS

CPTSD Affecting Your Relationship? Try this SELF ASSESSMENT QUIZ: https://bit.ly/2KbLWB2 ** The problem with Childhood PTSD is that when we fall in love, the traumatized part of our brain kicks in and hijacks perception, driving us to to cling when it’s time to step back, or even run. How can you change your trauma-driven dating… Read More »

You Must Have THIS To Fully Heal Complex PTSD

To heal and be happy, you need MORE than just feeling good. Fulfillment requires that you express your gifts, and discover how they can be used for the benefit of the all. But gifts can’t be developed in a vacuum. In this video I talk about one BIG thing you’ll need if you are to… Read More »

PTSD disability – starting compensation application process – sexual abuse trauma – ACC in NZ

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Not dissociating as badly in this video as recent videos. My psychologist said my head and upper body move less, my eyes glaze over and I look down when dissociating. Also more hypervigilant and sensitive to triggers when in a freeze… Read More »

Don't Let Past Trauma Make You Keep PLAYING SMALL

Your childhood trauma tried to destroy you when you were little, but now is the time for you to rise up and live your life fully, and stop limiting yourself. Int his video I talk about common ways Complex PTSD can lead you to get stuck playing small — and what to do about it.… Read More »

CPTSD: How to STOP SABOTAGING Your Own Healing

The biggest obstacle to healing from abuse and neglect in your childhood is NOT always what you think it is. Today, It’s not your parents. It’s not the health care system. It’s not politics or money or social media. The reason you are getting stuck is most probably because you haven’t stopped sabotaging yourself. We… Read More »

Do THIS When You Feel the Urge to Give the SILENT TREATMENT

When you lived through trauma, the response to stress can be so intense that silence feels like it’s “OK.” But giving the silent treatment can be just as aggressive as yelling. In this episode of ‘ASK THE FAIRY” I talk about why good relationships need a better way to solve problems that feel overwhelming, and… Read More »


If you have a difficult time truly letting people in, being highly triggered by others or if you tend to be someone who isolates from others —and you had a complicated childhood relationship with your caregivers or environment or CPTSD (Complex PTSD) –you might use isolation to manage your life and relationships. From passive avoidance… Read More »

Career Success and Complex PTSD Symptoms

If you were hurt by trauma when you were a kid, you’re already painfully aware of how the old hurts, and fears, and triggers come back to haunt you, RIGHT when you’re trying to take a big step up on your career. The trauma wounds can rise up and make you say the wrong thing,… Read More »

Three CPTSD Behaviors that PUSH PEOPLE AWAY

Tribal Chief of the Empath Uprising’s heroic 144,000 chosen lightworkers runs down a list of 3 common CPTSD behaviors that – we engage in unconsciously – that push the people that we want in our lives away. Have a behavior that you want to add to this list? If so, leave it in the comments… Read More »

Don't Let TRAUMA-DRIVEN DECISIONS Keep Ruining Your Life

You’re making a TRAUMA-DRIVEN DECISION when you *think* you’re making a good choice but your past abuse and neglect are distorting your thinking. You *know* on some level you’re doing it, but you make that self-destructive choice anyway — to move in with someone you just met, or marry someone who treats you badly, or… Read More »

Ask The Fairy: Abandonment Trauma Keeps Me Trapped in a Bad Relationship

Abandonment depression can make it almost impossible to leave a bad relationship, but here’s how to do it. Also: How can you get your partner to see that their CPTSD is ruining YOUR life? Find out answers to this and other questions in my new weekly “Ask the Fairy” series. *** Register now for my… Read More »

Smptoms of C-PTSD-Week 4 || Coping with Trauma || Dissociative Identity Disorder

We dive into the symptoms of cptsd or complex ptsd. This is all trauma based. There *should* be nothing triggering in this video as it just explains symptoms of complex ptsd. Some people that have osdd or did (dissociative identity disorder) have c-ptsd symptoms. Tools I use for my DID: Coping with Trauma Book: https://amzn.to/2JPWSId… Read More »