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6 Ways to Heal from Childhood Emotional Abuse

Were you ever abuse as a child? People often think abuse is physical, but emotional abuse can go along way. Emotional abuse can leave us with wounds that never heal. Some of us even develops PTSD as part of our childhood. We made this video in an attempt to raise awareness about childhood emotional abuse… Read More »


CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE – REVICTIMISATION: HOW TO STOP THE PATTERN OF BEING A VICTIMUNDERSTANDING REVICTIMISATION Many who were abused as children go on to be abused again later, and sometimes, again and again! This is called ‘Revictimisation.’ It is so common to be re-abused that scientists have even studied the phenomena, and it is they… Read More »

PTSD & Sexual Assault #MeToo

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is common among sexual assault survivors. In this video, Dr. Robert Bray discusses the connection between sexual abuse and PTSD, and shares some tips for assessing and managing PTSD. ▶︎︎FEATURED RESOURCES◀ ➤ To Start Your Sexual Abuse Healing Journey now in the privacy of your own home for no cost, please visit… Read More »

what is it like to have a flashback | DID / OSDD / PTSD

Trigger Warning – no specific incidents or details of abuse recorded – but the trigger warning is more for listening to my distress and the process of having a flashback……. In this video I try to answer someones question about what it is like to have a flashback. I answered the question by filming in… Read More »

EMDR Treatment for PTSD – Part 1 – What is it and how does it work?

EMDR was the most effective part of my treatment for PTSD and I want to help other people considering it for their treatment. In this video, I provide an overview of how EMDR is believed to work, how the therapy is conducted, and some of the challenges and risks. Source: Youtube

Choices After Trauma

Written by a Clinical Psychologist and a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt is a book that helps victims take the actions that lead from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to post-traumatic growth. Stories of finding resilience are told about seven individuals who have been stuck in PTSD but learn from… Read More »

Cptsd: Essentials for the New Year!

Welcome! Grab a pen and paper or your phone with notes and let’s hone in on Cptsd Essentials for the New Year! Thanks for taking the time to watch and share, it’s been such a wonderful year having the ability to share with all of you! Free Pdf Work from Home Websites: https://lindameredith.org/products/we… Discover More… Read More »

FORGIVENESS + PTSD | Update and thoughts

I wanted to do an update video all about my thoughts surrounding forgiveness and how my ptsd has generally been recently. I hope you enjoy watching, here are some links and references in case you need any support. NHS Choices – Help after rape and sexual assault Sexual Abuse Referral Centres – Find a SARC… Read More »