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Grief process and complex PTSD

Have you ever felt stuck in the grieving phase? While others urge you to move on or let it go… after all your trauma happened sooo long ago. Well it’s not that easy when you got complex PTSD even the grieving is a complex process that requires time and patience… here I share 2 reasons… Read More »

Heal Your PTSD, Depression & Anxiety With This Easy, Free Technique: Personal Inventory

When you have a history of trauma, writing fears and resentments can bring far more relief than just talking about them. Writing a personal inventory twice a day brings immediate improvement and long term change. Learn more at https://crappychildhoodfairy.com Source: Youtube

The Key to Recovery from Childhood PTSD: Learn to Re-Regulate Your Brain

The effects of childhood trauma used to be seen as mostly psychological, but now we know there’s more to the story. In this video I talk about the problem of brain disregulation, and why learning to get “re-regulated” can jumpstart your recovery from Childhood PTSD. Learn more at https://crappychildhoodfairy.com Source: Youtube

Why people self harm and what to do about it

Here we talk about 2 myths and 3 real reasons why people self harm and a alternative healthy way of dealing with this It’s ok to get professional help. Reaching out for help is actually a sign of courage How do our complex PTSD symptoms relate to altered brain function? Here’s a link to a… Read More »

What to do when you get angry with yourself…

Do you turn all the anger inward instead of toward the people who hurt you? Especially in childhood trauma, expressing anger was not a safe option. Dealing or trying to manage that anger can be confusing and painful… Will my brain ever function normal after complex trauma? Click to find out more about how trauma… Read More »

Online Course: Healing Childhood PTSD: How the Course Works (Excerpt)

Here’s a quick video with an overview of what you can expect in my video-based, online course, “Healing Childhood PTSD.” You can learn more and register for the course here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/fairy-course-from-youtube.  One extra reason to register now: Those who are paid registrants will get 50% my upcoming sequel course “Dating and Relationships for People with… Read More »

The Long Term Effects of Childhood Trauma

Order my book today! ARE U OK? http://geni.us/sva4iUY Today Dr. Alexa Altman and I sit down to discuss trauma and how if the PTSD or other trauma symptoms go untreated it can follow up in later life. Research even shows that trauma or abuse can affect our own children and be passed down through our… Read More »

complex PTSD – when the mental health system failed you

Here’s the link to book your 15 min time slot https://calendly.com/tanjawindegger/mental-health-support Thank you so much for supporting me with this goal 🙂 once you confirmed your time, you’ll automatically receive an email with the link for the zoom conference room. On the day, you just click on that link and we can chat 🙂 Download… Read More »

What is the relationship between chronic and complex PTSD?

This clip from our DVD called “Making Peace With Chronic PTSD: Marla’s Story” discusses chronic and complex PTSD through comments and conversation of two individuals who are uniquely qualified to explain a complicated condition in clear, compelling terms. For more info please visit Gift From Within. Source: Youtube

How Ryan Matthews Overcame PTSD, Cancer, Heart Attack, Losing His Business, And More

Go to https://beyondhomosapien.com/free and take my Free Course on how to eliminate the Limiting Beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your potential in 3 easy steps. Trauma in a variety of forms is holding back our world. What is trauma? Effectively, an emotional state where a person is unable to step into and become… Read More »

Mental Health- Daily Schedule!

In todays video I talk about the importance of having a daily schedul and the impact it has on my mental health. I think everyone should follow a daily routine. I have been struggling with mental health issues for the past 20 years. On this channel I want to help erase some of the stigma… Read More »

7 Ways Childhood Trauma Follow You Into Adulthood

Childhood abuse can have far reaching effects. From insecurities to intimacy issues, from not daring to trust people to difficulties making friends, the effects of childhood abuse can show in any area of your life. Related videos: 6 Types of Childhood Abuse – Coping with PTSD – Hotlines link: https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/ptsd-hotline/ References: Brandt, A. (2017, June… Read More »

Complex PTSD and Narcissism: The Last Will and Testament in Dysfunction

Complex PTSD, narcissism and the estate plan: A personal sharing about the final straw and going no contact. And, importantly, rising from the wreckage with your soul and health in tact. Book your private intuitive and therapeutic sessions with Karuna at info@hubfortheheart.com. Karuna shares from deeply personal experience and knowledge: She has completed in-depth studies… Read More »