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Healing from Childhood Trauma – Penny Belle // The Pretty Smart Podcast #EP10

We’re doing the inner work to build a life outside of our physical appearance 💕 #PrettySmart – Penny Belle is a Wellness Coach, Speaker and Blogger who shares her experiences online about her struggle with adult ADHD and CPTSD. In this episode of #ThePrettySmartPodcast, we discuss Penny’s life journey and some of the things that… Read More »

"Did I Have A Traumatic Childhood?" 10 Signs of Childhood Trauma | Psychotherapy Crash Course

#trauma #childhoodtrauma #PTSD **PLEASE NOTE: The traumatic experiences mentioned in this video does not mean OTHER experiences do not matter. They DO!! The experiences mentioned in the video are ADDITIONAL traumatic experiences you may minimize as “non-traumatic.” ———————————————————————— Do you ever wonder if you experienced a traumatic childhood? Do you already know you experienced a… Read More »

Healing after Trauma: Practicing Self-Compassion #selfcompassion #trauma #PTSD

Healing after Trauma: Practicing Self-Compassion In this video, engaging with my tribe after our check-in, we talk about self-compassion and how important it is for healing after trauma. It helps to know you are not the only one going through the ups and downs of healing after trauma. I hope you find encouragement from what… Read More »

Healing Psychological Trauma with (Self Care), 2020.

Being involved in a traumatic occurrence time after time will include dangers to your security, your well-being, your mental health, your emotional health, and your total life. The worst part about trying to deal with emotional, spiritual, and psychological trauma is it can bring on complications and trouble with getting your proper amount of sleep.… Read More »

11 Signs You Have Unhealed Trauma

A lot of people suffer from unhealed trauma. It severely impacts mental health – especially if that pain was experienced during childhood or adolescence. Post traumatic stress disorder can manifest in many different ways – anxiety, depression and unexplained pain being the most common symptoms. Victims of unhealed trauma also suffer from low self esteem… Read More »

No 6 Complex PTSD

Childhood trauma arrests our development. I describe a few of the areas including our struggles with self-acceptance, our sense of identity, self-compassion, self-protection and our inability to draw true comfort from relationships. Reference: Complex PTSD from Surviving to Thriving Here is my affilliate link: https://amzn.to/3l16j4c Source: Youtube

Coping with Anger When Family/Parents are your Abuser | PTSD, Attachment Issues, & Childhood Trauma

How I’ve discovered a new emotion, ANGER, as it relates to my C PTSD, Attachment Issues, and overall Childhood Trauma. How do you begin coping? *Learn More about Complex – PTSD LINK BELOW* https://www.beautyafterbruises.org/what-is-cptsd —————————————————————————————————————— Connect with me via #Instagram & #Facebook (@donjuliusss) 📲 Thanks for Watching!! 🤩📺 Like. Comment. Share. – And of Course… Read More »

Welcome to My Channel | Living with C-PTSD & ADHD

Hi, and welcome to my channel. I started this as a place where I could share my experiences living with C-PTSD & ADHD. Blog: https://vanessaginnane.wixsite.com/vanessaginnane Twitter: https://twitter.com/vanessaginnane Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanessaginnaneblog Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vanessaginnane/ Source: Youtube

6 Things Unhealed Trauma Makes Us Do

Trauma can be a very difficult thing to deal with because it makes us feel overwhelmed and helpless. Have you ever had a traumatic experience before? Trauma is more than just life-or-death situations. Aside from all the accidents and natural disasters we see on the news, trauma can come from experiences of violence, bullying, assault,… Read More »

Four Truths about Complex PTSD: Addiction, Self Esteem and True Healing

Four Truths about Addiction, Low Self Esteem and True Healing. You need to hear these now!!! #mentalhealth #addiction #childhoodtrauma #complextrauma #spiritualgrowth #cptsd #selfesteem DO YOU VALUE THIS CHANNEL? CLICK HERE FOR YES! https://paypal.me/KarunaHubfortheHeart KARUNA has completed in-depth studies with the world’s finest meditation masters and spiritual teachers. She holds undergraduate and advanced degrees and she… Read More »


Emotional abusers seek to control another person by discrediting, isolating and silencing them; the symptoms of abuse involve depression, loss of confidence, and a fog of confusion around what’s actually true. Sound familiar? SO many people with CPTSD are telling me they’re having the SAME symptoms as a result of lockdown and the cultural “ether”… Read More »

Childhood Trauma || Smoke & Mirrors Ep 2

The product I was trying to show you at 3:05 – https://www.beautybakerie.com/products/sugar-lip-scrub The Body Keeps the Score (first half) – https://youtu.be/9mjRaawM9YU It’s a few years old, but here’s an article about PTSD in Canada: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/post-traumatic-stress-disorder-ptsd-in-canada ps rip to the rogue mosquito I casually squashed mid-air. — Follow me: @ptvkelela Support the channel: patreon.com/kelela Donate at… Read More »