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How To Support Somone Who Has Experienced Trauma

How To Support Someone Who Has Experienced Trauma Watch Next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfvwO2VBxho Many of us have trauma. Racism is traumatic and cause cause PTSD. In this video I emphasize the importance of understanding your own trauma before expecting others to understand it. I talk about how trauma plays out in relationships and how trauma can trigger… Read More »

Suffering From PTSD – Schedule a FREE Call with Marc J Wagner

Suffering From PTSD – Schedule a FREE Call with Marc J Wagner https://calendly.com/mjwcalendar/free-meetngreet-call-bark?month=2020-07 Suffering From PTSD and would like to know if you qualify for the modality that I am talking about in the video. Then please schedule your FREE call with me and let’s see if we can help you overcome your PTSD symptoms… Read More »

5 Ways Unhealed Trauma Affects Us

Unhealed trauma can affect our brain and lives in many ways and unfortunately will not die down on its own. After a traumatic event, it is important to work on the necessary healing from our emotional trauma. But before we can heal, we have to be aware of how our trauma is affecting us so… Read More »

Living with CPTSD During a Crisis with Anna Runkle

Returning to the show is Anna Runkle, the creator of Crappy Childhood Fairy, an online resource for understanding and healing from CPTSD related to chronic childhood experiences. In Season Two, we learned about Anna and her work after a listener wrote in and recommended her processes. As a childhood trauma survivor, Anna brings a perspective… Read More »


People-Pleasing is a survival strategy that helps kids fit-in with other children and and placate abusive or neglectful parents. But for adults with CPTSD and Childhood PTSD, people-pleasing can be toxic, blocking self-development, keeping us stuck and even putting us in danger. Here’s what to do. You can learn my techniques in this short, free… Read More »

Waiting out suicidal thoughts – Fitquest Game Dev Diary 3

Patreon Channel Link – https://www.patreon.com/HealingfromCPTSD Reddit link – https://www.reddit.com/r/FitQuest/ I didn’t get to work on the game this week like I wanted. Life threw me a curve ball. Music by – Bensounds “Tenderness” Source: Youtube

How to Overcome Childhood Trauma #3: The Power of Positive Thinking #PTSD #TraumaHealing

Hello, my name is Hong Jeong, licensed therapist in Los Angeles, California. I hope all is well. This is our virtual therapy sessions #3 on how to overcome childhood trauma. So you have missed our previous sessions and I’d encourage you to watch previous sessions. In our virtual therapy, I ask questions and give you… Read More »

Bakit ako nagka PTSD nung bata ako #sTorYtIME HAHAHAHHA

Hi mga b3H! Welcome home sa aking Kavooj na Youtube Channel! so tinignan ko yung date nung mga pic sa epbee january 2014 pala hindi january 2012 HAAHHAH shutades Like, Comment, Subscribe, and click that Notification Bell if you want to see more! ___________________________________________________ Follow my Social Medias: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_jazzuxx_/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jazz_Cruz04 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jazzyves.cruz _____________________________________________________… Read More »

What They Don't Tell You About Traumatic Experiences (How to Overcome PTSD)

Many people experience trauma, but why do some people figure out how to overcome PTSD and others don’t? In this video we discuss post traumatic stress disorder vs post traumatic growth and what we can all do to improve our mental health and resistance. Try the online therapy app I personally use for my mental… Read More »

People Pleasing From Narcissistic Abuse- Anxiety and C-PTSD- How To Overcome The Fear Of Being You

This video is about all of the ideas correlating to having been a victim of narcissistic abuse. Scapegoating, codependency… seems to all share a lot of similar common themes and ideas! Particularly, hypervigilance and people pleasing! So that’s what this one is about! Thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe! Let me… Read More »