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Does Narcissistic Trauma Change Who We Are?

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Helping Children Cope With Childhood Trauma 2021

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Episode 8 – PTSD Q&A

Within this episode I answer 6 questions about PTSD. I was asked to contribute towards some research and I’ve answered them honestly and clearly hoping that it can help and inspire someone to talk, seek support and reach out. #weareinittogether #ptsd #reachout Source: Youtube

What It’s Like to Live with Childhood Trauma

Watch the rest of this series to learn how Jacob’s childhood trauma impacted his teenage & early adult years, how he overcame misdiagnoses, & how he discovered the right treatment, all HERE: https://bit.ly/3foAijf In this eye opening interview, childhood trauma survivor Jacob Moore opens up about his memories of childhood trauma, how it actually affected… Read More »

Is Narcissist Self-aware, Introspective? (Global Meeting on Stress Management, March 2021)

With severe emotional deficits, the narcissist may be self-aware and knowledgeable about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but these do not lead to healing, merely to behaviour modification. Narcissists balance a sadistic superego and a demanding and fantastic False Self. Narcissists describe themselves as machines or automata. When they do gain self-awareness and engage in soul-searching it… Read More »

The 4 Most Recognized Trauma Responses

In this video we’re going to discuss the 4 “F” responses that result from CPTSD. It is a form of PTSD known as complex post traumatic stress disorder, which stems from trauma that continued over a period of time. Is this you? Comment below so I know I’m not the only one! Make sure to… Read More »

Covert Borderline Predicted: Standard Model of Personality Disorders (McGill University)

Event: Lecture at the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Canada, January 22, 2021 (Host: Dr. Tewfik Said). Transcript: http://samvak.tripod.com/lecturemcgill.docx I discuss my new concept of covert borderline and the bridge between overt and covert cluster B states via collapse and narcissistic mortification. It is a standard model of personality disorders, akin to the standard model… Read More »

Flashbacks in C/PTSD: “emotional" vs. Real (See DESCRIPTION 1st! University Lecture)

Skip 36:21-44:41 (scholarly literature review). READ THE DESCRIPTION FIRST! “Emotional flashbacks” is NOT an accepted construct in clinical psychology. Second winter semester lecture to South Federal University, Rostov on Don, Russian Federation, and to the Psychology track in SIAS-CIAPS. “Emotional flashbacks” is NOT an accepted construct in clinical psychology. Flashbacks are dissociative (cut us off… Read More »

The Fire Within Ch 22 Grandma, boogers and a sleigh ride #CPTSD #Borderline #Bipolar #Psychology

In this video, I continue reading my book The Fire Within that I wrote while living in a tiny house in the woods. This book is about childhood trauma. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Source: Youtube

C-PTSD…What is it?

CPTSD or Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition similar to PTSD, which causes intense anxiety around the traumatic event which can manifest in intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, or nightmares among many other signs, with some additional symptoms, such as difficulty controlling your emotions. feeling very hostile or distrustful towards the world. In this video,… Read More »