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How to Build Relationships with Kids

Complex Ptsd leaves us not knowing what we don’t know. I found this list of how to build relationships with kids and I’ll be putting a few into place myself, even though my kids are adults! https://lindameredith.org/ Source: Youtube

How to Recognise Depression

Having Complex Ptsd makes recognising the symptoms of Depression extra challenging. Here’s what we can to do change this around. https://theacademyforcomplextrauma.thinkific.com/courses/how-to-recover-from-the-fawn-response Source: Youtube

17 Ways to Conquer Soul Crushing Negativity

Let’s have some fun as we shift things up in our day today! Join our Webinar: How to Recover from the Fawn Response -https://theacademyforcomplextrauma.thinkific.com/courses/how-to-recover-from-the-fawn-response Source: Youtube

Assertiveness and Complex Ptsd.

The 5 steps/skills we need for assertiveness by Dr Jonice Webb and how they apply to Complex Ptsd https://theacademyforcomplextrauma.thinkific.com/courses/abandonment-recovery https://theacademyforcomplextrauma.thinkific.com/courses/my-authentic-self-discovering-who-i-am Source: Youtube


Living with Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Earphones Magnetic Earbuds aptX HD Audio 14 Hours Playtime Wireless Headphones 3 Eq Setting CVC 8.0 Noise cancellation Bulit-In Mic IPX6 Waterproof https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C7D95FF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_2X7LDbMX9FGWH Most all of my questions were answered here. Amazing breakdown of the Trigeminal Nerve and the Neuralgia of it all.… Read More »

How Do we Love those who Hurt us?

I was asked this question in response to a meme going around at the moment. And it’s a vital question we need real answers too, for our own health and well being. Complex Trauma Academy:https://theacademyforcomplextrauma.thinkific.com Source: Youtube

The Perils of the Isolation Trigger

The Perils of the Isolation Trigger. It’s subtle and it can be ruining our day to day life. Being able to identify when it’s happening and what we can do about it has the ability to turn our daily life around and to turn our relationships around too. 12 Traits of Authentic (Safe) People –… Read More »

Break Down!

New information around how we need to break down information, break down our day and why plus real life examples of working with break down principle and how to apply it in your life. Thanks for sharing with the silent majority who need to know they’re not alone. Individual Consultation:https://lindameredith.org/pages/individual-consultations More Information: https://lindameredith.org/ Free FB… Read More »

fibromyalgia and the link to childhood trauma

#fibromyalgia #trauma #posttraumaticstressdisorder As with all of my videos – please watch with caution and at your own risk / discretion as some topics may be triggering to the viewer. Where necessary an appropriate trigger warning will be given for major triggering topics that are commonly widespread amongst people. Thanks for watching and enjoy!!! All… Read More »