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fibromyalgia and the link to childhood trauma

#fibromyalgia #trauma #posttraumaticstressdisorder As with all of my videos – please watch with caution and at your own risk / discretion as some topics may be triggering to the viewer. Where necessary an appropriate trigger warning will be given for major triggering topics that are commonly widespread amongst people. Thanks for watching and enjoy!!! All… Read More »

How Can we Learn to Love Ourselves?

As adults who’ve experienced Childhood Developmental Trauma we can learn how to love ourselves and develop an internal awareness, necessary to help take us along our recovery to remission path. Handouts in the video found here:https://lindameredith.org/blogs/news/learning-how-to-love-ourselves Source: Youtube

C&P Exam, Chronic Pain, and PTSD

Are you ready to learn how to fight the VA and get a 100% VA disability rating? Join VA Claims Insider Elite and I’ll guide you through every step of the way. Once we chat, I’ll learn your story and tailor your approach with the VA to get the highest rating legally possible. With our… Read More »

Marc VL, Chronic pain, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, ADD & Cannabis, Testimonial, Subtitle

I’m Marc VL, a Medical cannabis patient, I use cannabis for a better quality of life. I used to be addicted to opiates, opioids, muscle relaxants … suicidal Now I only use cannabis, other herbs & food as my medicine for a better quality of life The use of cannabis is a human right Patients… Read More »


No more can I allow what’s happening to me. I vent my views and I would love your thoughts on this as well. Do you feel this way? How would you react? Please let me know in the comments. Please 🔹LIKE 🔹Comment 🔹Subscribe 👥Join CPTSD Warrior Support Group on FB 👥 https://www.facebook.com/groups/cptsdwarrior/ Follow Me On… Read More »

Complex Trauma & Overcoming Nightmares

Overcoming Nightmares! Complex Trauma and Nightmares go hand in hand in deeper parts of the recovery to remission journey. The safer and more connected we are our unconscious begins to release beliefs and emotions we didn’t know we were holding onto. Infographic in comments for printing https://complextraumaacademy.teachable.com Source: Youtube

William, PTSD, Chronic pain, Hepatitis C, Bipolar Disorder, Cannabis, Testimonial, Subtitle

Invalid William Chengalis co MMJ regulation suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain in his hand from falling off a ladder, hepatitis C and bipolar disorder. The string of traditional medicines William maintained for the past five years were slowing working to destroy his liver. But now he has the option to use… Read More »