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GTFO: Rundown 2 PTSD

Haven’t made a GTFO vid in a while so i scraped up some footage from Rundown 2. Once again we achieve almost nothing, but hey… Funny. Also shoutout to Hellraiser for holding our hands through this rundown, like we’re his slightly underdeveloped children. He was a good man. #GTFO Green: Myself (SleepyB0ye) Red: Igor (Avocado)… Read More »

Insurgency SandStorm Beta – Return of the PTSD Simulator

Interested in getting the game? Check it out here on sale! https://www.chrono.gg/f/insurgency-sandstorm-121218/rubixraptor Insurgency Sandstorm was having it’s closed Beta testing so Splash and I decided to hop in and record some of the wonderful nightmare inducing game play it has to offer. Hope you guys enjoy, let us know what you think! Source: Youtube