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Episode 4 In The Army With PTSD – Brian’s Story

In this episode we talk with Brian, an Army combat vet who enlisted at 20 years old and toured in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Brian shares his incredible journey, culminating with his struggles with PTSD, along with the many unsuccessful treatments that left him demoralized, before ultimately finding healing with the RTM Protocol. Source: Youtube

Episode 3 Too Good To Be True? A Counseling Protocol That IS Healing PTSD (ft. Allen Kanerva)

In this episode Allen Kanerva of Inspired Outcomes joins Kari Russo and Jeff McLaughlin to talk about the science and mechanics behind the RTM Protocol (Re-Consolidation Of Traumatic Memories), which is being used to demonstrably heal PTSD. Source: Youtube

Retreat Center for Veterans and First Responders – Intro by Bart Taylor

Veterans who may need relief from Combat Trauma or Stress Fatigue (PTSD); as well as may be seeking a new mission in life in service to others. This property will not be a ‘clinical setting.’ The property simply offers a wonderfully peaceful setting to live which Glen & Bart wish to share with other veterans,… Read More »