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PTSD | Shell Shock | Battle Fatigue

Shell Shock – Battle Fatigue – how things used to be: 2 days rest and back to combat; Psychiatric decisions were made w/ a quick glance & intuition: 1954 Army doctrine – reassure ’em & send ’em back. “You ain’t sick — just got the fatigue.” “That explosion didn’t rupture your eardrums, so it ain’t… Read More »

What is an egg banjo? With Cliff Parisi

Do you know what an egg banjo is? Sign-up to do an Egg Banjo Breakfast with Combat Stress! We are Combat Stress, the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health. For almost a century we’ve helped former servicemen and woman deal with issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Today we provide support to… Read More »


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)[note 1] is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions, or other threats on a person’s life.[1] Symptoms may include disturbing thoughts, feelings, or dreams related to the events, mental or physical distress to trauma-related cues, attempts… Read More »

How Sleep the Brave? (2019 PTSD Documentary) The Directors Cut

In the directors cut of ‘How Sleep the Brave?’ the filmmakers focus on how PTSD is impacting the lives of former soldiers of the UK Armed Forces. Here soldiers and their families recount stories of depression, loss and suicide to expose a deeply disturbing truth – that the warriors of today are more likely to… Read More »

Charity Run – Combat Stress – Ultra Marathon Borneo 14-15 Sep 2019 – Run #1

Training Run #1 Do you want to join me in making a difference? I’m raising money in aid of Combat Stress and every donation will help.  Thank you in advance for your contribution. Combat Stress  The UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health. For almost a century Combat Stress has helped former servicemen and women… Read More »