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CombatVetVlog 02: Becoming 100% VA Service Connected

*** SUBSCRIBE, Like, Comment, Hit the ALERT BELL BUTTON for future video uploads*** In this video I shared my experience with filing claims with the VA and becoming 100% Service connected. I share my experience with filing claim on irritable bowel syndrome, PTSD, carpal tunnel, lower back strain, hemorrhoids. I will share in the next… Read More »

My Coping Mechanism to dealing with my Depression

*** SUBSCRIBE, Like, Comment, Hit the ALERT BELL BUTTON for future video uploads*** This is one of my coping mechanism to dealing with depression. Share if you have any that help you get out of depression. Source: Youtube

PTSD/Suicidal Ideation

*** SUBSCRIBE, Like, Comment, Hit the ALERT BELL BUTTON for future video uploads*** Let’s keep each other accountable. Let’s have a plan to stop ourselves from letting thought of suicide manifest in our minds. Have a PLAN. Something that can make your mind reason with reality. A plan to bring you back to reason. Source:… Read More »

Questions and answers about PTSD

Dr. Ladi Kukoyi, chief of staff at the Birmingham VA, answers some questions to help people better understand what PTSD is, what it’s like and how it can be treated. Story: http://via.whnt.com/F1BUX If you have questions about treatment for PTSD, the VA has a page at www.ptsd.va.gov. Source: Youtube

Why Are You So Scared?: A Child’s Book about Parents with PTSD (Explicit, Not For Your Kid, Dummy)

Kids who have a parent with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can often feel confused, scared, or helpless. Why Are You So Scared? explains PTSD and its symptoms in nonthreatening, kid-friendly language, and is full of questions and exercises that kids and parents can work through together. The workbook-style layout encourages kids to express their thoughts… Read More »

PTSD (Combat/Non Combat/Sexual Harassment)

HIT the LIKE button and Subscribe guys. So there is this stigma that some try to stay away from this diagnosis and others are scared of seeking help. There’s ways to be treated for this diagnosis or if a buddy needs it help them. Whether it is PTSD (Combat or non-combat) or even stateside. Seek… Read More »

Gentle Warrior Episode 1 Losing My Purpose ~When I hit rock bottom

Welcome to my channel, this is where I will share why, how and what the Gentle Warrior Journey is all about. This is the hardest story I have had to share with anyone before, this opens me up, something I am not used. I hope to inspire other Veterans and the anyone who listens to… Read More »

Will Power | Running Across the Country for PTSD

Will Owens, a combat USMC veteran and former Blackwater contractor, will start his cross country journey from Imperial Beach, CA to Virginia Beach, VA at a pace of 62 miles a day, for 47 days, all to raise awareness for PTSD on May 1, 2018. Will shares his story of suffering the effects of PTSD,… Read More »

Combat PTSD (A Raw look)

My name is Nathan and I am an U.S. Army Combat Veteran from the Iraq war. This is my first video I”m doing as a tester for whether I would like to share my life on Youtube. My focus will be on a Raw (uncut) look at Combat PTSD from a Veteran’s point of view.… Read More »

Susan Shann / Stand Down

Z Music House Concert 2 17 18. This song is dedicated to all military veterans who come home from active service, only to face another kind of battle dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the resulting depression, anger, anxiety, addiction or other issues that can come from that experience. Some get the help and… Read More »


Hello everyone just getting back to my videos that deal with combat and PTSD my newest video tackles the signs of suicide hope you enjoy it. Veterans Crisis line 1-888-956-6768 www.veterancrisisline.net Justin’s Final Mission https://fundraise.activeheroes.org/fundraiser/718014 Military one source https://www.militaryonesource.mil/confidential-help 1-800-342-9647 Vet Center https://www.vetcenter.va.gov/ 877 WAR VETS Source: Youtube