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Can BJJ Help Veterans With PTSD?

Veteran affairs are an often overlooked issue in today’s society. Soldiers return from combat with needs and issued that are going unmet at alarming rates. Today, we sit down with behavioral scientist Dr. Gino Collura and VP of the We Defy Foundation TJ Kreutzer to talk about the role BJJ might have in lightening the… Read More »

Fase in Navy, Combat For 2 Years at Baghdad, PTSD Diagnosis, Will Not Answer Killing Question

Brooklyn East New York born/Atlanta residing recording artist, Fase, sits down with DJ Smallz and reflects on his upbringing, sharing insight on his military career. This is part 4 from the full interview. Have you been in combat? Share your story by posting a comment below. SUBSCRIBE to our channel now to see more: http://bit.ly/1S4Ndsx… Read More »

006 Living with PTSD & Needing Help

In this video I talk about recurring symptoms and the impact it can have on quality of life. It’s important to take mental health seriously and give veterans/all uniformed services complete and hasty access to mental health services. It’s important to take away the stigma of ptsd and other stress, anxiety, or emotional disorders. There’s… Read More »

FamilyOfaVet.com – PTSD, TBI, & Life After Combat

**CAUTION: This video contains graphic combat-related images. While it is intended to give people some small understanding of what a year in combat is like, the images may be difficult for some Veterans, etc., to view. If you would like to skip the combat images, go to 3:39 ** FamilyOfaVet.com (Family Of a Vet, Inc.)… Read More »

Former Recon Marine Shares Graphic Combat Stories-PTSD awareness

We sit down 1 on 1 with Chris Bova to hear his inspiring story of survival. A former Recon Marine and government contractor, Chris opens up and talks about combat, friends lost, and the darkness that followed. He then tells us how he got out of that darkness and what we can do to help.… Read More »

My Story From PTSD to Post Traumatic Growth

A chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution invited me to speak at their meeting. This is my personal journey from childhood to present day. It details what happened in my life that ultimately led to the diagnosis for PTSD. I explain my journey from struggle to strength and what I’ve learned along the… Read More »

Before PTSD: Civil War Trauma

Before terms like shell shock, combat fatigue, and PTSD became common medical terminology, the Civil War soldier faced mental and physical traumas that would be repugnant to the senses. This video covers some of the medical terminology of those days, examines accounts from traumatized soldiers on both sides, and argues that we should all come… Read More »